Hyundai making rear-seat reminder standard on most models by 2022

Nearly every Hyundai on sale by 2022 will feature rear-seat reminder technology, the automaker announced Wednesday.

The technology is designed to remind drivers to check for children, pets, or other items in the rear seats before exiting the car. The brand’s technology, called Rear Occupant Alert, works by displaying a reminder message in the gauge cluster when the driver goes to exit the vehicle. The system detects if a rear door was opened or closed before the driver entered the vehicle, thus, assuming a passenger or item is in the back seat.

Hyundai Rear Occupant Alert

Hyundai also offers an optional system called Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert. The advanced system uses a sensor placed in the back seat to scan for movement after the driver exits and locks the car. If the system finds movement, the vehicle will honk its horn and send an alert to the driver’s smartphone if equipped and active.

For Hyundai’s promise, it said the standard Rear Occupant Alert will be standard on nearly every vehicle it sells by 2022. Today, the basic system is standard on the 2020 Santa Fe and Palisade SUVs. The 2020 Sonata will also come with the system as standard equipment. The Santa Fe also offers the Ultrasonic system as optional equipment.

The brand praised Congress, NHTSA, and other outlets for bringing awareness to a problem that’s easily solved. Other automakers have also rolled out their own system, such as General Motors’ and its Rear Seat Reminder.

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