6 Cool Speed Parts For Car Crafters!

Squarebody Syndicate
What it is:
Six-speed, manual-trans kit.
Why you care: The “Squarebody” Chevy truck (1973–1987) is growing in popularity, so American Powertrain introduced a pair of Pro-Fit manual transmissions strong enough to take the abuse. The company’s new Pro-Fit system features the rock-solid Tremec TKO five-speed or Magnum six-speed transmission with all the installation parts you need for a complete installation. The Pro-Fit system includes American Powertrain’s revolutionary shifter mechanism with an OE four-speed shift position, its adjustable X-Factor crossmember, and 3.5-inch DOM driveshaft, speedometer hookup, reverse-light wiring, and your choice of shifter knobs. Several different shifter handles are available for bucket- and bench-seat applications. Transmissions are compatible with the original bellhousing, flywheel, clutch linkage, and most OE-spec clutches. A hydraulic clutch upgrade is available.
How much: Starting at $3,995 (five-speed kit)
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American Powertrain

Heat Management
What it is:
Exhaust heat shield.
Why you care: Heat kills power and reliability when allowed to radiate uncontrollably under your hood. Heatshield Products’ Armor Pipe kit was engineered to reduce heat from a vehicle’s exhaust system, which in turn, increases the power and efficiency of the exhaust system. It can also be painted to color-match the engine or engine bay. The Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit is specially formulated to withstand 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit direct heat and 2,200 degrees intermittent heat, and thanks to high-temperature HP Tie Wire and HP Power Anchors, you can easily secure it to any exhaust pipe. After the kit is installed, the exhaust pipe can still breathe without exceeding its maximum-rated temperature. Kits are available in many sizes and can be trimmed easily for a custom fit.
How much: $60.07 (PN 170001, 6-inch x 5-foot)
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Heatshield Products

What it is:
Kershaw “The Claw.”
Why you care: Don’t wait another minute to cut open those UPS boxes—in style! “The Claw” from Kershaw features an aggressive, hawkbill-style blade with angular planes on both blade spine and handle. The curved blade and positioning of the razor-sharp tip make it especially handy when opening or breaking down boxes. Rope or cording is also easily mastered with the superb pull-cutting capabilities of the Launch 10. The curved blade is made of CPM 154 steel with a stonewashed finish. CPM 154 takes and holds an excellent edge, offers good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and toughness. And while the claw-shaped blade curves downward, the handle—built of strong, yet lightweight, anodized aluminum—sweeps up. This balances the overall look of the knife and provides a secure grip.
How much: $149.99 MSRP
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1965–1972 Ford Trucks
What it is:
12-inch brake kits.
Why you care: Trucks were never meant to be performers, but that hasn’t stopped hot rodders. That’s why Classic Performance Products developed a serious 12-inch disc-brake kit for vintage Ford trucks. CPP’s new Ford truck kits are for 1965–1972 model trucks and feature modular spindles, 12-inch rotors, big single-piston full-floating calipers, new kingpins, hoses, bearings, and seals needed to complete the installation. These kits are a perfect way to rebuild your Ford truck front axle, adding modern disc brakes in bolt-on fashion. (Please note 12-inch rotors are only available in the original 5 on 5-1/2-inch pattern). Requires 15-inch or larger disc-brake wheels.
How much: $699
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Classic Performance Products, Inc.

GM G-Body
What is is:
Tach filter.
Why you care: Guys with 1980s cars have paid their dues plenty over the years by dumpster diving and searching junkyards for parts the big companies don’t think are important. Dixie Restoration Depot hears you and recently introduced a new tach filter for G-body vehicles with tachometer gauges. It’s a direct fit for 1978–1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, and El Camino, but can also be used on other G-body vehicles with a tach gauge. “A faulty tach filter can cause several different problems, the most common of which is an erratic tachometer,” said Justin Cote, vice president of Dixie Restoration Depot. “This is the first direct-fit tach filter to be offered to Monte, Malibu, and El Camino G-body owners.” The new tach filter is currently in stock and ready for immediate shipping.
How much: $39.95
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Dixie Restoration Depot

What it is:
Frostbite intercoolers.
Why you care: Engineers have found the bar and plate intercooler design to be the most efficient design when durability and cost are primary factors. These Frostbite air-to-air intercoolers are available in the most common sizes and are available in polished aluminum or black painted finish. Frostbite intercoolers are available in 2.5- and 3-inch inlet/outlet configurations, and they come in 18 sizes and finish variations and feature welded-on universal mounting bungs and slip-fit inlets and outlets.
How much: starting at $129.95
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Frostbite / Holley

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