BMW i4: Everything You Need To Know

Info overload on the BMW i4. With the BMW i3 closing the order books in the U.S., and soon to be finished in Europe, we want to say BMW did a fantastic job bringing the i3 to market all those years ago. But then, BMW kind of got stuck in a rut and

You Will Get The Longest EV Range In These Five Cities

Climate and more specifically temperature play a major role in how much range your EV gets. Outside temperature and weather conditions can have a massive impact on the real world range of electric vehicles. This can even be halved in winter for some EVs with smaller battery packs, while at

Now You Can Build a Scale Model Kit of Hyundai’s First Car

While I still haven’t finished building my Fujimi Toyota Previa Police Interceptor kit, the shopping for new plastic scale model kits continues (another great Fujimi kit, the Mad Police Venus Toyota Supra, remains far too costly… for now). While there’s nothing quite like a JDM kit, SKDM kits seem very

How About A Plaid Yoke For Your Tesla Model 3 Or Model Y?

It seems some folks really like yolks. So, you think the Tesla Model S Plaid’s yoke is pretty awesome? Now, you can get an aftermarket yoke for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) got one from Hansshow and installed it himself. He writes, “My carbon fiber

You Can Now Tune Your Ford Fiesta ST's 1.5 I3 To 256bhp Using An App

We won’t ever see a Ford Fiesta RS, but via the aftermarket, it’s possible to get the next best thing. Mountune, arguably the go-to name when it comes to fiddling with Blue Oval stuff, has just revealed a new ‘M260’ package for the Fiesta ST. This sees the stock 197bhp

Would You Buy These Pre-Rusted Parts For Your Land Rover Defender?

People buy distressed furniture brand new, so what’s the difference? While many classic Land Rover owners strive to rid their vehicles of rust, Heritage Customs is offering pre-rusted side vents and hood accents for the brand new 2021 Defender. These finely aged accessories are possible thanks to the aftermarket brand’s revolutionary

Why Wouldn't You Want A Rotary-Swapped Mazda 1200 Restomod?

Mazda is on a roll with its styling at the moment, with the current Mazda3 arguably being one of the best looking hatchbacks on sale. It clearly has good genes, as this Mazda 1200 coupe – an indirect ancestor to the 3 – is a roughly four-metre-long slice of Japanese

Protective Gear to Keep You Safe While Working on Your Car

Remember when you were younger and it was cool to ride a bike without a helmet? Or skate that rail without kneepads? Well, it’s time to grow up now; safety gear can save your life, especially in the garage. Countless horrific injuries occur in garages every day to both professional

You Could Own Ken Block’s Gymkhana Fiesta STs, or Ford RS200

You know Ken Block, Hoonigan, the Gymkhana series—and Block’s long relationship with Ford. As of this year, that relationship has come to an end. It’s not clear what brand relationship is next for Block, or whether there is one, but it does mean that there are apparently a few Fords

The different items you hang on your IRVM

A walk around my neighbourhood led me to discover that at least 50% of all cars have something or the other dangling from, or tied to, the internal rear view mirror (IRVM). BHPian SS-Traveller recently shared this with other enthusiasts. A walk around my neighbourhood led me to discover that