You Can Now Buy A Suzuki Jimny With Portal Axles And Yes You Want One

The Suzuki Jimny is already more than capable enough for most in its standard guise. It’s off-road focus is so strong that its on-road manners are left somewhat…compromised. But if it still won’t cut it on the rough stuff, a couple of companies have collaborated to level up Suzuki‘s pint-sized

Christian Danner: 'You can't say Turkey was a turnaround, it was haywire'

Max Verstappen regained the lead in the Drivers’ Championship in Turkey but it was Mercedes who showed the better pace over the course of the weekend. As such former F1 driver Christian Danner feels this title fight will go down to the wire, and it is the team-mates who could

Should You Consider A Used Electric Car? Good Or Bad Idea?

One of our favorite YouTube presenters is at it again. Rory Reid seems to have a mission to help people navigate the automotive industry. In this recent video published by Auto Trader, he discusses the ins and outs of buying a used electric car. A used car is a solid

Car collecting dust? You can now rent it out via Flux –

Things changed overnight. We’re now working from home and ordering food deliveries. Weekends are spent on the same couch watching Netflix. Our cars are used for essential trips like tapau and groceries, nothing more. How long does one tank of fuel last these days? If an extra car – whether

Best fabric protectors for your car 2021

Which fabric protector spray best holds back stains from car seats and carpets best? We’ve all had the sickening feeling when that cup of on-the-go latte slips from your fingers, or your child drops their juice and you just know you have a long cleaning job in front of you.

What Color Do You Want Your New Lamborghini Countach Painted?

The Countach did return in white but buyers can still get it in other colors, old and new. The return of the Lamborghini Countach gave birth to differing reactions in varying degrees. Some were blown away by it, while others aren’t exactly sold with the modernized interpretation of the iconic

The 15 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy in 2021

A new car will be the second most expensive purchase of your life besides your home, but you don’t have to overpay when selecting a new ride. According to Car and Driver, the average new car sale price was $43,600 in 2021, but several car companies that have cheaper models

BMW i4: Everything You Need To Know

Info overload on the BMW i4. With the BMW i3 closing the order books in the U.S., and soon to be finished in Europe, we want to say BMW did a fantastic job bringing the i3 to market all those years ago. But then, BMW kind of got stuck in a rut and

You Will Get The Longest EV Range In These Five Cities

Climate and more specifically temperature play a major role in how much range your EV gets. Outside temperature and weather conditions can have a massive impact on the real world range of electric vehicles. This can even be halved in winter for some EVs with smaller battery packs, while at

Now You Can Build a Scale Model Kit of Hyundai’s First Car

While I still haven’t finished building my Fujimi Toyota Previa Police Interceptor kit, the shopping for new plastic scale model kits continues (another great Fujimi kit, the Mad Police Venus Toyota Supra, remains far too costly… for now). While there’s nothing quite like a JDM kit, SKDM kits seem very