Primed Tesla Model Y Bodies Shown At Giga Berlin Paint Shop

While Tesla’s Germany factory faces delays, it appears the company is already testing its paint shop. Much like the developing situation at Tesla’s fifth Gigafactory, Giga Austin, its German Gigafactory – officially the fourth Tesla factory to begin construction – is starting to show more and more signs of progress.

Has Tesla Model Y Fit And Finish Improved For June 2021?

Tesla’s build quality has been reported as inconsistent by many outlets for years. The Electric Man came up with a unique concept for a YouTube channel. He analyzes Tesla Model Y build quality and fit and finish each month to help determine if Tesla is making notable improvements. With the

Tesla Model 3, Model Y lose top safety ratings after dropping radar

Safety agencies deemed newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles less safe due to a Tesla update intended to make the vehicles more safe. The NHTSA, IIHS, and Consumer Reports all downgraded safety ratings following Tesla’s announcement earlier this week of its transition away from radar-based safety systems to

Panasonic Reports Profitable Year (FY2021) At Tesla Gigafactory

Will add a new production line (in Nevada) in FY2022 and launch prototype production of 4680 type cells (in Japan). Panasonic has just released its financial report for the FY2021 year (Q2 2020 – Q1 2021), that was significantly affected by coronavirus lockdowns. As usual, let’s take a quick look

Watch Tesla Model Y Owner Wreck Car, Attempt To Blame Tesla

The driver said it was unintended acceleration, but it’s clear this wasn’t the fault of Autopilot. Bear with us here, because this story started one way, and then quickly shifted in the opposite direction. Drive Tesla Canada reported on an incident, complete with a YouTube video from the Tesla driver

Watch Tesla Model Y On Autopilot Tackle Country Backroads

The Model Y makes self-driving look so easy in this video, although it can’t receive a full score. Tesla is chiseling away at its AutoPilot project and it’s certainly made a lot of progress, at least based on the kinds of videos we see drivers posting. A year ago, AutoPilot

Watch Tesla Model Y Performance Race Lamborghini Urus

The Model Y is part of Edmnuds’ long term fleet and it has so far not been beaten by another SUV in a drag race. The Lamborghini Urus is one of the most aggressive and quickest SUVs in the world, so if there’s one high-rider that could out-accelerate a Tesla

Tesla Model Y True Cost Of Ownership Over One Year

This Tesla owner has kept track of every financial detail since day one to help you decide if the Model Y fits in your budget. If you regularly read InsideEVs, you’re probably aware that we’ve been following Ryan Shaw’s Tesla Model Y ownership since the beginning. He was one of