MIC Tesla Model Y Unboxing And Review Video

Form delivery and unboxing through to reviews and tests. Tesla recently started customer deliveries of the Made-in-China (MIC) Model Y and here we have one of the first opportunities to see this new MIC model (the video has English subtitles). The interior of the MIC Model Y was considered noticeably better

Report Claims Tesla Model Y 3rd Row Is Cramped & Lacks Car Seat Anchors

If the seats are tight, people may use them for kids. However, without LATCH anchors, it limits options for securing car seats. Tesla has finally launched the 3-row 7-seat Model Y, but there’s still limited information available. We can’t find any published measurements on Tesla’s website. The automaker has provided

Cheaper Tesla Model Y Standard Range, Three-Row Seat Option Unveiled

Every now and then it’s good to check in on Tesla’s website because you never know what kind of news you’re going to stumble across. For example, the Tesla Model Y’s ordering page now boasts two notable updates: Pricing and details for a new more affordable rear-wheel-drive standard-range model and the

Tesla Model Y Vs Ford Mustang Mach-E: Toughest EV Test, Charging Fail

Which all-electric crossover wins this epic battle? Watch for some big surprises. The Fast Lane Car (TFL) says the Tesla Model Y is the electric crossover to beat, especially when it comes to living with an EV. However, now that the Ford Mustang Mach-E has officially come to market, there’s finally

Tesla Model Y Put To The Test After First Big Snow

How does the Tesla Model Y handle the snow in typical daily driving? Iowa Tesla Guy from eastern Iowa owns a new Tesla Model Y electric crossover. His area just received its first big snowstorm, dropping some four to five inches of the white stuff. Sure, there will definitely be

Tesla Model Y Production Underway At Shanghai Gigafactory

We’ve been suggesting this all week, and now it appears to be a reality. While the start of Tesla Model Y production in China comes as no surprise to us, many people may be shocked in disbelief. From the talk of a Tesla factory in China, to its record construction

MIC Tesla Model Y Prototypes Spotted At Giga Shanghai Again

The camouflaged prototype was tested on the new track. The latest videos from Tesla Giga Shanghai in China reveals that the high number of MIC Model 3 on the parking lot has decreased substantially. The construction work is progressing in a few areas, where the company intends to add some

2021 MotorTrend Truck of the Year: Contenders and Finalists

If my neighborhood is any indication, one industry that hasn’t been impacted by this year’s health crisis is home construction and repair. As I greet the morning, poking my head out the sliding-glass door with coffee in hand, I hear the dulcet resonances of circular saws, nail guns, and air

Watch Tesla Model Y Performance Race Dodge Durango Hellcat At The Strip

According to the manufacturers, these performance SUVs have the same 0-60-mph times. The Fast Lane Car pits the silent Tesla Model Y Performance against the noisy, gas-guzzling Dodge Durango Hellcat. Can these SUVs achieve their official zero-to-60-mph times? What happens when they compete in the quarter-mile?  You may remember when Dodge