Full statement: How and why DJRTP was charged

This is the full stewards report from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport over the DJR Team Penske breach, which reveals how charges were laid and defended and how the verdict was reached. Key highlights from the detailed report include how the initial post-race enquiry played out and why CAMS

Why Are Camouflaged Ferrari SF90 Stradale Test Cars Lapping Fiorano?

Production cars will arrive next year, but clearly some testing is still taking place. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale isn’t a secret. The hybrid hypercar was revealed back in May, and we mean revealed in full.  Aside from plethora of photos, Ferrari offered up a flashy video showing the latest Prancing

Insight: The full story of why Verstappen switched F1 helmets

We visited Schuberth’s F1 helmet factory to speak with its bosses about new FIA standards, and discuss just how it came to land a deal with Max Verstappen for the 2019 season. If you think your job is monotonous, well, you’ve probably never worked in Formula 1 helmet production. Francesco,

Why Wouldn't You Want This 2006 Maserati MC12 GT1 Car?

Think ‘Maserati’ and the sleek, elegant lines of a Quattroporte might come to mind. Or perhaps the GranTurismo model, which refined the best parts of a coupe and provided a more spacious and luxurious rival for the BMW 6-series. Maserati has cracked the code for style, comfort and elegance. However,

Why F1’s original Haas team was such a failure

In the mid-1980s successful Indycar team boss Carl Haas started his own F1 team, with a big-money sponsor, turbo engines from Ford, and 1980 world champion Alan Jones as star driver. It had all the ingredients for success – including Ross Brawn and Adrian Newey – yet after its first

Why Your Brand New R8 Body Might Not Have Been Made at the R8 Plant

Audi, like the rest of VW Group, is getting ready for a big electric push, and that means more production sites for the fancy new electric cars. And Audi announced yesterday that the Robert Downey Jr-approved e-tron GT will be produced alongside the R8 at its Böllinger Höfe facility near

Why the 2020 Le Mans Hypercar Rules Mean a Lot

This is the future of big-league sports car racing. Or not. The FIA—that stands for Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile—was founded in 1904, and has grown into the world’s most influential motorsports governing body. Among others, it sanctions Formula 1, Formula E, the World Rally Championship and—this is why we’re talking about

Here's Why New Mustang Doesn't Share Its Face With Shelby GT350, GT500

The answer’s simple. It’s money. If you have ever asked yourself why the Shelby GT350 and GT500 range-topping muscles don’t have the same front end design as the latest 2019 Ford Mustang, we now have the answer. It’s slightly different than what the automaker officially says but it’s still a

Here are 9 Reasons Why Grave Digger Is the OG Monster Truck

Originally built as a mud-bogging machine, Grave Digger got its name after its owner, Dennis Anderson, told his competitors that he’ll dig their graves using his beat-up old truck. The first Grave Digger was a 1952 Ford pickup shod in mud-bogging tires and powered by a Chevrolet small-block engine. Its