Watch GMC Hummer EV Visit Moab To Kiss The Ring

Automakers love taking on these challenging trails. Jeep has been using the challenging trails in Moab, Utah, for years as a location to highlight its vehicles abilities, and Ford went there in 2020 to prove the Bronco and Bronco Sport’s ruggedness. Now, it is GMC’s turn by testing the Hummer

Watch Fiat 500e Take On The Fearsome Moose Test

A strong performance in difficult circumstances. The moose test aims to assess how well vehicles can avoid a rapidly appearing obstacle. As a worst-case scenario, it often gives way to two-wheeled antics, tire blowouts, and a fair share of cone fatalities. Km77’s latest video showcases how the latest Fiat 500e

Watch Our 2021 Mustang Mach-E Ultimate Infotainment Guide

We check out the key infotainment system features and settings of Ford’s new Sync 4 system. Now that the Ford Mustang Mach-E has launched, customers are finally getting the chance to experience the great driving characteristics of the first all-electric Mustang. But with today’s connected cars, first impressions are also

Watch This Minivan Embarrass Supercars While Drag Racing

This is not your typical mom-mobile. The Honda Odyssey is among the staple minivans in the US and for good reasons. It’s one of the few, sure, but it’s relatively affordable while having all the essential features for safe people-hauling. But being a supercar killer on a drag strip isn’t

Watch Tesla Model Y Owner Wreck Car, Attempt To Blame Tesla

The driver said it was unintended acceleration, but it’s clear this wasn’t the fault of Autopilot. Bear with us here, because this story started one way, and then quickly shifted in the opposite direction. Drive Tesla Canada reported on an incident, complete with a YouTube video from the Tesla driver

Watch Tesla Model Y On Autopilot Tackle Country Backroads

The Model Y makes self-driving look so easy in this video, although it can’t receive a full score. Tesla is chiseling away at its AutoPilot project and it’s certainly made a lot of progress, at least based on the kinds of videos we see drivers posting. A year ago, AutoPilot

Watch Tesla Model Y Performance Race Lamborghini Urus

The Model Y is part of Edmnuds’ long term fleet and it has so far not been beaten by another SUV in a drag race. The Lamborghini Urus is one of the most aggressive and quickest SUVs in the world, so if there’s one high-rider that could out-accelerate a Tesla

Watch Modded Subaru WRX STI Blow Transmission Racing Tesla Model Y

WRX owner says he was embarrassed by the Tesla Model Y. NSFW: The language and overall content of this video may not be considered safe for work or suitable for children. It’s not violent, insulting, or offensive, but rather, some young guys engaging in a bit of silly fun. We’ll