VW T-Roc R Surprises Against Porsche Cayenne, AMG GLE 53 In Drag Race

Can the underpowered VW surpass its more powerful competitors? It seems as if nearly every automaker is offering at least one high-performance SUV. Porsche pioneered the segment, but Mercedes, BMW, and others, including Volkswagen, have followed, combining blistering performance with practicality. Not every sporty sport utility vehicle is equal, though,

VW Is Shutting Down Its Motorsport Division

One day on from Audi confirming an assault on the Dakar Rally, the World Endurance Championship and IMSA, its parent brand VW has announced it’s quitting motorsport entirely.Explaining the move, the VW management board’s Dr Frank Welsch said: “The Volkswagen brand is on the way to becoming the leading provider

China: VW MEB Plants In Foshan and Anting Begin Production

Volkswagen’s two joint venture plants (with FAW and SAIC) are already making ID.4 derivatives and should start sales in early Q1 2021. Three weeks ago, Volkswagen Group officially introduced the first two MEB-based electric cars for the Chinese market, which happens to be locally-made versions of the ID.4, which are slightly different

See Scania Sacrifice VW Golf In The Name Of EV Safety Research

A crash sled could’ve been used, but what fun is that? How does a Volkswagen Golf fare in a collision with a big rig? There isn’t any scenario that ends well for the VeeDub, but know that this valiant Golf gave its life for the advancement of technology and the

On The Heels Of The VW ID.3, Tesla Hints At Compact EV Hatchback Rival

It would only make sense for Tesla to quickly pursue this, plus it emphasizes the company’s mission. Thus far, Tesla has made it clear it’s sticking to its mission. As promised, it did eventually bring a smaller, mainstream electric car to market: The Model 3. Despite naysayers, it also eventually

VW Passat Dead After 2023 In The US

Another sedan bites the dust. Well, another sedan is saying goodbye at the expense of crossovers and SUVs. Today, it’s the Volkswagen Passat that’s leaving us. The German automaker will cease the model’s production at its Tennessee plant in 2023, no longer offering it in the US, according to Wards

Tesla And VW Are Friendly Rivals, But They're Unlikely To Partner Up

In a world where opposing groups demonize their adversaries, it’s encouraging to see these leaders advertising their mutual respect. This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX, which makes and sells aftermarket Tesla accessories. The opinions expressed therein are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs, nor have we been paid by EVANNEX to

VW Shoots Down Rumors Of Hotter Golf R Plus

This hatch is hot enough. The Volkswagen R team is very attentive to comments on YouTube videos about the new Golf R. When someone recently responded to a video (above) asking: “Is there going to be a plus model ??” The answer was clear: “Thanks for your interest! There is

VW Trademarks The Name ID. Junglezz: Will Tarzan Have An Electric SUV?

Rumor has it that the car is related to the Ruggdzz, a 4×4 VW intends to sell in 2023. Volkswagen is betting heavily on electrification, as you already know. The ID.3 would be the company’s free pass regarding emission fines, but it was released earlier than it should. The ID.4