2020 F1 tyres fate could be decided by team vote

Formula 1 teams may be asked to vote on whether to abandon Pirelli’s 2020 tyres after they are tested in Abu Dhabi next month. If seven out of 10 teams are still unhappy with the new spec tyres, Pirelli could be obliged to stick with its proven 2019 products for

Are Budget Winter Tyres Actually Any Good?

We get it – you’ve already spent quite a bit of money on some nice summer tyres for your car, so when it comes to winters, there might be a temptation to cheap out. But if you do, how much grip and traction will you lose? To find out, Tyre

Williams: Tyres give Russell an edge over Robert Kubica

Williams have once again dismissed suggestions that Robert Kubica’s car is inferior to George Russell’s, saying the rookie simply gets more out of his tyres than the Pole. Although Kubica has scored Williams’ only point of the season with a P10 in Germany, his return to F1 has not gone