Ford F-150's Generator Keeps Saving People From Power Outages

There’s always huge pressure on any wedding day for everything to go according to plan. Those who have attended such events know that’s rarely the case. Groom Vetrivel Chandrasekaran found himself in that very position during his August wedding, when the power was cut in the aftermath of a storm

Here Are the Non-Hybrid 2022 Ford Maverick’s Fuel Economy Numbers

For years, the car enthusiasts of America cried out to the heavens, questioning why they’d been abandoned on a huge continent devoid of small trucks. That’s all set to change with the delivery of the 2022 Ford Maverick, which has already generated significant buzz ahead of its launch later this

What’s the Most Dangerous Modified Car Fail You’ve Seen?

Here’s where everyone gets to tattle on their high school car friends. Or, maybe you were the high school car friend whose Civic had stacked wheel spacers. Whatever’s the case, we all know that modifying a car can get in the way of what its engineers worked toward, especially from

Tesla Road Rage: Tow Truck Swerves To Run Model 3 Off The Road

It’s either that or a bee got into the truck’s cab and the driver was fighting to get it out. Watching as many of these videos showing road rage directed at Tesla cars and their drivers as we do, you really start to wonder where all the hate comes from,

2021 Shelby F-150 Boasts 775 HP and a $107K Price Tag

The Ford F-150 is one of the company’s most popular nameplates of all time, and rules the roost of the truck kingdom in the United States of America. With the famous model receiving a refresh in 2021, interest is high, and Shelby have capitalized on that by delivering a new

Harvester Truck From ‘Real Steel’ Is Perfect Base For A Motorhome

And it’s currently listed for sale. Again. The “Real Steel” may be a movie about fighting robots, but there’s an understated star in the 2011 film that went alongside star Hugh Jackman. We’re talking about the 1960 International Harvester Sightliner truck that Charlie Kenton drove as he struggles to travel

Heavy Duty Truck Drag: Chevy, Ram, And Ford Meet On The Track

Two diesel trucks and one V8 gas truck. As the name implies, the heavy duty trucks are obviously not made for races – they are designed and built to handle, uhm… heavy duties and do that confidently. That doesn’t mean they are not fast under certain circumstances, and that also

Dash Cam Footage Of Haul Truck Crushing Repair Car Is Terrifying

Yes, there were people inside. Don’t worry, reader. We are extremely happy to report there were no injuries resulting from this absolutely terrifying accident. It’s beyond remarkable there weren’t deaths, let alone injuries as three people were reportedly inside the small Suzuki SUV as this massive haul truck literally

Midsize Ram Pickup Truck Rumored For 2024 Launch, But Not In US

Will the Dakota ever return? The Dodge Dakota launched the midsize truck segment in the US, and it’s fondly remembered by Dodge and Ram faithful to this day. It’s also the subject of persistent rumors over the last several years, claiming it will return and take its place in the