Nokian One All-Season Tire Has Life Expectancy Of 80,000 Miles

Wait, what?! Nokian may be best known for its winter tires, but the company wants to expand its presence in new segments and markets. The Finnish firm believes its new One all-season tire will become a real game-changer with a predicted life of approximately 80,000 miles (128,750 kilometers). That’s according

Tesla Model Y All-Weather Tires: How Do They Compare To All-Seasons?

This Model Y got all-weather tires instead of winter tires for the upcoming season. People who live in areas like Colorado – or Michigan like we do – with drastically changing seasons, should have two sets of tires for their car. Typically this is all-seasons and winter tires, though you

Herta says even wrong tire strategy couldn’t prevent victory

Colton Herta, who today at Mid-Ohio scored his third IndyCar win and fourth pole position, says that hitting the right fuel number gave him an edge over his closely pursuing teammates, despite a hurried strategy call on tires. Herta led 57 of the 75 laps in Mid-Ohio’s Race 2 in

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Tire-Slashing Duo On Video

The tire slashers were caught on video, so let’s help identify them. A tire-slashing duo in Chicago was caught on camera when they decided to slash the tires of a Tesla. Sentry Mode caught the two men and hopefully, we can help identify the criminals. The video uploader is David

What's The Impact Of Tire Size On Tesla Vehicle Range?

Range is certainly affected, but not by as much as some might think. If you’re a Tesla owner, you might be wondering — does the size of a wheel really affect the range of an electric vehicle? The short answer is yes, but the degree by which it does might