This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

Originality and creativity makes the car scene interesting, as otherwise you’d end up with rows of Ford Focus STs with Airtec intercoolers and RS spoilers. Oh, wait… But, we’re here to show you a pretty unique car with some unusual modifications, and as those overpriced car sales listings tend to

This Pontiac LeMans Hadn't Been Washed In 22 Years, Until Now

We’ve featured several detailing videos before. Some of them were glorious and phenomenal, such as the Lamborghini Veneno getting pampered like in a spa. We also saw a McLaren F1 getting the most luxurious car wash we’ve ever seen. However, not all car detailing videos feature something exquisite. Sometimes, car

This Tesla Model S Plaid Drove Underwater, Lived To Tell The Tale

It is a well documented fact that EVs can wade through deeper water than internal combustion engine vehicles can. We’ve seen many videos of electric vehicles tackling floodwater that would have left any ICE vehicle stranded. But did you know there’s a man who’s trying to turn a Tesla Model

This Outwardly Normal BMW E92 M3 Is Packing A 2JZ

Although some were originally critical of the E9x M3 going V8 and, as they perceived it, a bit soft, the car’s ‘S65‘ 4.0-litre engine has nonetheless gone down as one of the all-time BMW greats. It’s one of the best, most unique things about the car – the company never

Monstermax 2: Is This the World’s Biggest Twin-Diesel Monster Truck?

You might know Cody Detwiler as @WhistlinDiesel on Instagram or for his increasingly popular YouTube channel, but did you know the 4×4 enthusiast was planning Monstermax 2? This could be the world’s biggest and heaviest monster truck with two Duramax diesel engines. Related: Anatomy of a Monster Truck If you

Buy This 'Almost Indistinguishable' McLaren MP4-26 F1 Replica And Make Your Living Room Awesome

When you’re so loaded that pretty much no road car is off-limits, you might want to add a racer to your collection too. Perhaps an F1 car. Doing so is easy enough – old F1 machinery comes up for auction with relative frequency. After taking delivery, however, the faff begins.

Watch This Mazda Miata With A Train Horn Save Itself From A Crash

There’s probably a train with a Miata horn crying out there. The Mazda MX-5 Miata has always been among the favorite cars of the tuning companies. Not only that but we’ve also seen a number of very cool cars based on the Japanese roadster, including a 1930s Alfa Romeo kit

Is this BSA’s upcoming 650cc motorcycle?

The bike is said to be powered by a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine unlike its rival, the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. A prototype bike believed to be the upcoming 650cc offering from BSA has been spotted testing in India. The bike features a retro design with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, a

Is This Why Dodge Is Going Electric? Tesla Plaid Demolishes Demon

It isn’t even a contest between these two as the Plaid goes past the Demon like it’s from a different planet. The Tesla Model S Plaid continues to damage the reputation of gasoline cars at drag strips countrywide, and its last victim is the fearsome Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Yes,