Dream Weaver Camper Is The perfect Overlander

The perfect blend of comfort and capability. Building the perfect overlander isn’t easy. That’s why the Dream Weaver from El Kapitan Van Conversions is such an exciting overlander. Instead of spending huge amounts of time developing packaging and assembling the best overlander you can from scratch, Dream Weaver does all

5 Best Parts To Buy For The Tesla Model 3 On eBay Motors

eBay Motors has what you need to personalize and upgrade your EV. Finding parts for any new vehicle can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but the hunt gets even more challenging when tracking down components for electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3. Fortunately, eBay Motors

The ‘V8 Hotel’ in Germany with car-themed beds

The rooms also feature plenty of automotive memorabilia and murals, adding to the experience. A hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, offers its customers car-themed rooms. Aptly named ‘V8 Hotel’ – it comes with 26 specially-themed rooms for automotive enthusiasts. The rooms feature beds made from real cars, while all the furniture

Watch the Gordon Murray T.50 Run Development Laps

The Gordon Murray T.50 is getting closer to hitting the public streets. That means there’s likely a lot of testing going on at Murray’s firm. Obviously, with the hype surrounding the upcoming, spiritual, McLaren F1 successor, it only makes sense to make a highlight reel of the T.50 hitting the

See the 25 Best Cars from the Concours of America 2021

The Concours d’Elegance of America returned to the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan, for the 42nd time. There was no show last year due to the pandemic, so the return this year of one of Michigan’s biggest classic car shows was met with extra enthusiasm. Hundreds of cars

The Alpina B12 LWB Is An Achingly Cool, Very Rare E38 With A 5.7 V12

Few BMWs from the last few decades have aged as well as the E38 7-series. As the years roll by it merely gets cooler and meaner looking, particularly compared to its gaudy modern equivalent with those gigantic, spangly nostrils. Arguably the coolest E38 of all wasn’t made by BMW, however.

Bentley unveils the world’s largest carbon-fibre wheels

The pricing for the carbon wheels will be announced later. Bentley has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s largest carbon-fibre wheels to go into production. The wheels measure 22-inches in diameter and will debut on the Bentayga SUV later this year. The luxury car brand claims that the

The Renault 5 'Turbo 3' Is An 80s Mid-Engine Hero Reborn For The 21st Century

When French car designer Alan Derosier moved to Los Angeles in 2018, his dream was to create reimagined Porche 911s. Realising this genre was already “well covered” by the likes of Singer and Gunther Works, Derosier teamed up with fellow US-based Frenchmen Charly Bompas and Pierre Chaveyriat to do something

The Albuquerque Lowrider Super Show Is a Month Away

The Albuquerque Convention Center will turn into Showcase Lane as hundreds of the baddest lowriders invade the Land of Enchantment. Artemis Productions is once again proud to present the Albuquerque Super Show and Concert on Sunday, August 22. Lowrider culture in New Mexico will be on full display as this is

Behold the 800 hp Brabus 800 SUV Coupe

We reckon that to most people the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe and its 603 hp twin-turbo provides plenty of oomph for a high performance crossover. To the crazed German engineers at Mercedes tuner Brabus, it’s the perfect starting point. From there, Brabus says its engineers and designers turn