ABT Tunes The Audi S5 Diesel In Europe And The TT RS In U.S.

ABT amps up the S5 and TT RS When it comes to extracting performance from an Audi, tuning firm ABT has always been the mainstay, offering performance packages that cater to virtually every Audi model that you can get your hands on. Thankfully, they aren’t biased when it comes to

Test Drive: Is the New CX-5 Diesel Just the Old Tiguan TDI?

Mazda, a brand long-known for fun to drive offerings has also moved to offer higher-end interiors and more upscale features. The latest is the CX-5 diesel, a model that is now the only diesel crossover for sale in the US. On paper, it offers up an experience very similar to

Abiteboul: 2019 ‘by far the most difficult season’ for me

Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul says 2019 has been the most difficult season he has faced in Formula 1, but insists critics who say his team have “lost the plot” are wrong. The French car manufacturer headed in to the campaign hoping that signing Daniel Ricciardo and progress on the

Insight: The full story of why Verstappen switched F1 helmets

We visited Schuberth’s F1 helmet factory to speak with its bosses about new FIA standards, and discuss just how it came to land a deal with Max Verstappen for the 2019 season. If you think your job is monotonous, well, you’ve probably never worked in Formula 1 helmet production. Francesco,

The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe Is A FWD Niche-Filler

A more practical, four-door version of the 2-series sounds quite appealing, doesn’t it? A compact, rear-wheel drive car to fill the gap left by the bigger-than-ever-3-series could be a breath of fresh air in what’s becoming an SUV-dominated line-up. But before you get excited, although BMW has made something similar

Oh, The Comments… These Are The Five Worst For An EV YouTube Channel

He is not talking about specific comments, but rather about categories of them. Dealing with the public is a tough job. Some mistake journalism for advertising and expect you to deliver the latter, not the former. Some just do not read anything and decide to comment to show they did

How the Volkswagen GTI got those plaid seats and golf-ball shifter

While the Volkswagen Golf might not come back to America next year, the plaid seats of the Golf GTI will get another run in the legendary hatchback.  Formerly known as the Rabbit in North America, the successor to the Volkswagen Beetle launched more than 40 years ago, and the plaid