Tesla Releases $2,000 Model Y Acceleration Boost, Shaves Half Second

The acceleration boost only applies to the non-performance Tesla Model Y Long Range. The new Tesla Model Y acceleration boost is a paid software upgrade that’s now available for the Model Y Long Range, which is the current $49,990 “base” model and only available with all-wheel drive. You can purchase

Tesla introduces tabless battery cell design – gains of 5x energy, 6x power for 16% improvement in EV range – paultan.org

American electric vehicle maker Tesla unveiled its tabless 4680 battery cell design at its Battery Day event, featuring a new cell that is 80 mm tall and 46 mm in diameter, and promises five times the energy density and six times the power, in order to yield a 16% increase

Tesla Files Lawsuit To Stop Trump Administration's China Import Tariffs

Tesla aims to prove that collecting these tariffs is unlawful. According to a recent report by Bloomberg (paywall) shared by Teslarati, Tesla filed a lawsuit (Tesla Inc. v. U.S., 20-03142) with the U.S. Court of International Trade. The goal here is to block the Trump Administration from issuing and collecting

Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck Orders Are Gigantic

At the Battery Day event, the Cybertruck was displayed together with ATV, Roadster and Semi. Elon Musk revealed during Tesla Battery Day that the number of orders (actually pre-orders) for its extraordinary, all-electric Cybertruck pickup are “gigantic” (see IEVs coverage – 2:44:07). There are well over half a million pre-orders, maybe even 600,000 according to

Tesla Battery Day Drops Automaker's Market Cap By $50 Billion

Apparently, the stock market was not satisfied with the promises made at the event. Tesla Battery Day began with a recap of all the company’s achievements and ended with bold promises: reducing the battery pack price in 56 percent, make the battery pack a structural component of the body, increase

Tesla Outlined Global Battery Needs For Transportation At 10 TWh

If Tesla aims for 3 TWh by 2030, and the global EV demand will be 10 TWh annually, that would be roughly a third of the vehicle market. During the Tesla Battery Day, the company has outlined – using data from external sources – the expected global battery demand (annual)

Tesla Cybertruck unlikely to come to UK, but a smaller version could

Tesla’s all-electric stainless steel Cybertruck pick-up promises a range of over 500 miles and a 0–62mph time of 2.9 seconds, and while it’s unlikely to come the UK, a smaller “Wolverine” version might. After the dust had settled following the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, two of the first questions many

Are Cheaper Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Vehicles Coming Soon?

Tesla wants to offer cheaper cars, and advances in battery tech is the only sensible solution. Will Tesla use Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs in the U.S. in the future to make a $39,000 Model Y Long Range rear-wheel-drive variant, as well as a Model 3 Long Range RWD that

Watch Tesla Model Y Drag Race Jeep Trackhawk: World's Quickest SUV Battle

We’ve asked time and time again if the Tesla Model Y is the quickest small crossover to date. Let’s find out. Edmunds pits two of the world’s quickest SUVs against one another in this exciting video. It’s also pitting electric versus gas propulsion. Will the Tesla Model Y outclass the Jeep

Tesla Battery Day: Here's The Best Overview So Far Of The 'Biscuit Tin'

The larger cell would have technical challenges that Tesla patents have already addressed. Tesla Battery Day is only a day away, making the expectations about its surprises get even higher. We already know that Tesla will probably present its “Biscuit Tin” cell, a much larger one than it currently uses.