Tesla Is Now A $100 Billion Company For The First Time

With the Model Y about to be put up for sale, betting against the company looks like a bad strategy. Most of us speak about orders of magnitude without proper comprehension of what they represent. One million seconds are 11 days. One billion seconds could be named as 31.7 years.

UFODrive Expands to London

The company plans to expand to further locations in the coming months. Photo courtesy of UFODrive.  UFODrive, which specializes in Tesla rentals, has expanded its operations to several locations in London. The all-electric, 24/7 car rental service will initially be available at Q-Park Park Lane/Marble Arch, Westfield London, and Q-Park Oxford Street.

Tesla Model Y Added To NHTSA Database, VINs Registered

More evidence the Model Y may be coming to market very soon. The Tesla Model Y has been officially listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) VIN decoder website. Not long after the Tesla Model 3 was listed as a model on the NHTSA site, deliveries started. However,

Tesla Moves A Step Closer To Opening First European Factory With German Property deal

U.S. electric car pioneer Tesla has agreed to buy a property on the outskirts of Berlin, bringing it a step closer to opening its first European factory, local authorities said on Sunday. The U.S. carmaker last November announced plans to build a giant factory in Gruenheide, in the eastern German

Tesla to open design and research centre in China

With Tesla’s Shanghai factory (Gigafactory 3) up and running, the electric carmaker is now looking to open a design and research centre in China. According to a recruitment notice on the company’s official WeChat account, the facility will be responsible for developing “Chinese-style” vehicles, as reported by Reuters. The notice

The Penalty of Leadership: From Cadillac To Tesla

People often ask why Elon Musk doesn’t pay a penalty for being such an insufferable jerk. The big question. As I enter my third month of Tesla ownership, I too have been struggling to reconcile my bottomless love for my Model 3 with my contempt for Elon’s broken promises, exaggerations

Production Of Tesla Semi Set To Kick Off In Second Half Of 2020

It will reportedly be a limited production run. Tesla has the potential to revolutionize the cargo hauling scene with its upcoming all-electric Semi truck, and it looks like this revolution may start in the second half of this year. This information comes courtesy of a purported leaked email sent by