What On Earth Is The Tesla Cybertruck's Armor Glass After All?

Matt Ferrell is not undecided in giving his opinion on what he thinks it is. At the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, everybody expected the pickup truck to be the center of all attention, but its windows and the memes did not let that happen. The unbreakable glass that shattered became one

German Tesla Gigafactory to make 500k cars a year?

It’s been revealed that Tesla plans to build up to 500,000 electric vehicles at its new Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. According to Bild, the plant will create 10,000 jobs, and documents show that the facility will be as large as 420 football fields. Construction of the Gigafactory is scheduled to

Rumor Mill: Tesla Gigafactory 4 To Produce 500,000 Cars A Year

If the rumors are true, within a few years Tesla might have the biggest electric car factory in Europe. According to unofficial reports from Germany (Bild newspaper), the Tesla Gigafactory 4 plant will be able to produce up to 500,000 electric cars annually. The ultimate production rate would then be similar

Tesla CEO Musk, Grimes & Friends Spotted Out Driving Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is Musk’s favorite vehicle, so it makes sense he takes it on this rendezvous. How would you like to head to dinner at one of the nation’s finest and most expensive restaurants? Even better, get a ride there in the Tesla Cybertruck! How about having Tesla CEO Elon

Tesla Delays Launch Of Base Cybertruck, Speeds Up Tri-Motor Version

The cheapest version has been pushed back, while the most expensive variant gets moved forward. As expected, Tesla has delayed the cheapest version of the Cybertruck, while at the same time moving forward the launch of the most expensive version. This has become quite common with Tesla launches, so we’re

Tesla Cybertruck Size Concerns: Will You Have To Build A New Garage?

Or will it fit in a typical garage? Tesla CEO Elon Musk indirectly hinted early on that the Cybertruck would make today’s trucks like the Ram seem puny. However, initial glances during the electric truck’s debut — especially for those watching online — didn’t necessarily expose that the truck is actually quite

Feds Say Tesla’s Autopilot Engaged During Fatal Crash: Report

Tesla’s Autopilot woes continue to plague the company as the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed that the company’s advanced driver assistance system was engaged during a fatal crash on March 1 of this year.  The accident, which involved the Tesla Model 3 driving into and then under a semi’s

The Tesla Model 3 Deemed Car Of The Year In Norway

This comes as no surprise since the Model 3 is outselling all cars by a long shot. EDITOR’S NOTE: This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX, which makes and sells aftermarket Tesla accessories. The opinions expressed therein are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs, nor have we been paid by EVANNEX to publish