SSC Tuatara to re-attempt speed record

Company boss accepts that its first 316mph average runs were "stained" by controversy By Sam Sheehan / Monday, November 2, 2020 The founder of SSC has hit back at claims that the Tuatara’s 331mph record run last month was not genuine, stating that the company will rerun the attempt to

SSC Boss Announces New Tuatara Top Speed Run Attempt

And invited Shmee and the other guys who raised questions to witness the rerun. To say that the previous week was a hectic and stressful one for SSC North America would be an understatement. It would have been great – if only the SSC Tuatara’s top speed run video (see

SSC Tuatara To Rerun Top Speed Attempt Following Footage Doubts, CEO Confirms

When people started to analyse footage of the SSC Tuatara’s claimed 331mph run, including some prominent YouTubers, it started to seem as though something was amiss. Sure enough, Dewetron then distanced itself from the record, contradicting SSC’s claims that the data measurement company had “validated” the run. SSC admitted later

SSC Tuatara Set Top Speed Record On Regular Michelin Tires

SCC tested the tires under load before attempting the run. Top speed records are pointless when nearly every public road has a speed limit. However, that doesn’t stop automakers from trying to go faster than the other guy, and SCC is no different. The company set a new record earlier

2021 Honda changes, SSC Tuatara deep dive, Tesla recall reveals strength: What’s New @ The Car Connection

What’s New for 2021: Honda Here’s what’s new throughout the 2021 Honda lineup from refreshed vehicles to minor changes. 2021 Infiniti QX50 SUV gets more expensive, starts at $38,975  The 2021 Infiniti QX50 compact crossover SUV starts at $38,975, which is a $700 increase over the 2020 model.  From Motor Authority: The

SSC Tuatara Drag Races Bugatti Veryon In Epic Hypercar Showdown

When the underdog has 1,000 horsepower, you know it’s going to be good. This drag racing video is 13 minutes and 51 seconds long. We say that not as a slam against long, drawn-out videos, because this clip from TheStradman gives us an up-close look at the mental SSC Tuatara.

2020 SSC Tuatara debuts in production form – 1,750 hp

First announced nearly a decade ago, the SSC Tuatara has finally made its debut in production form at this year’s Philadelphia Auto Show. A product of Shelby SuperCars, the Tuatara is the successor to the Ultimate Aero, and will be produced in limited numbers, with only 100 units planned. Given