Some Handy Tips To Maximize EV Range In Winter

Electric vehicles’ cold weather range can drop by 50 percent. If you’ve forgotten your fully charged phone outside during winter, only to return an hour later and find it nearly completely drained, you’ll know the effects low temperatures have on batteries. The same is true for electric vehicles whose real

Grab Some Cardboard And Make Your Own Tesla Cybertruck

If you follow this tutorial, yours will have four motors instead of only three. A lot of people bashed the Tesla Cybertruck by saying it looked like a cardboard box. Instead of taking that in a bad way, the guys from the DIY Ocean YouTube channel decided to make it

Ferrari do win some silverware after all this season

Ferrari may have ended the Formula 1 season without any silverware from the actual track, but David Tonizza did clinch the Esports title for the Scuderia. The final rounds of the 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series took place on Wednesday night in London at the Gfinity Esports Arena. Ferrari

Here Are Some Specs On The Toyota e-TNGA Platform For BEVs

Toyota to use 50-100 kWh battery packs to achieve a range of 186-372 miles (300-600 km) depending on the model. Toyota is working on a new dedicated platform for all-electric cars, called e-TNGA (from electric Toyota New Global Architecture), which might be considered as a similar approach to Volkswagen Group’s MEB.

Insider Gives Some Battery Charging Tips For The Tesla Model 3

But which are trustworthy and which are not? It is always better to check the total capacity of the Tesla Model 3 battery pack in percentage than in miles. You should always park it overnight with a 90% charge, at least. These are some of the tips the EVlectric YouTube

Elon Musk Says Some Of Tesla's Top Engineers Grew Up Gaming

Video games were at least part of the reason Elon Musk got interested in tech. Have you got a kid who wants to play video games 24/7, and doesn’t seem interested in anything else? Don’t despair just yet. This obsession might not be as unhealthy as you think – in

How About Some 2020 Tesla Roadster Wheels For Your Model 3?

You can’t get the new Tesla Roadster yet, but you can get its amazing wheels. If we were forced to pick a YouTuber and EV fanatic that is the most immersed in Tesla as a whole, and especially aftermarket products, DIY projects, and the like, Erik Strait would come to