Old Sketch Of A Modern Chevelle Surfaces And It Looks Familiar

Would you have loved the nameplate’s return if it were to look like this? The return of iconic nameplates has become rampant these days – and they sell. The Ford Bronco is back and with a smaller crossover in tow. The F-150 Lightning is another returning name from the Blue

GM Design Sketch Imagines Radical, Tough-Looking Chevy Silverado

There are only so many ways to design a pickup. It’s fascinating how much trucks have changed over the years, even though the basics have remained the same. The cab is in the middle, sandwiched between the engine bay and bed, but automakers have done a remarkable job keeping the

GM Chevy Crossover Sketch Is Distillation Of Modern SUV Design

The start of something new. A recent Instagram post by GeneralMotorsDesign showcases a sketch of GM SUV design perfected. Artist Youngho Jung sketched out an uncompromised coupe-like SUV that fits in perfectly with General Motors’ design language. Would you purchase an SUV that looked like this sketch? Modern SUV design