Samsung SDI: xEV And ESS Battery Sales To Increase In Q2

Samsung SDI expects an increase of battery sales, which in today’s world is quite positive news. Samsung SDI announced its Q1 financial results, which reveals a small year-over-year increase in revenues and battery revenues, in particular (both up by 4%). The battery sales were affected by the seasonality of xEV demand

Glencore To Supply Samsung SDI With Cobalt For 2 Million Battery Packs

Samsung SDI secured cobalt supply for several years. Samsung SDI and Glencore, a commodity trading and mining company, announced a significant five-year agreement for the supply of cobalt hydroxide for lithium-ion batteries. Between 2020 and 2024, Glencore will provide up to 21,000 tonnes of cobalt contained in cobalt hydroxide. Assuming

CES 2020: BMW, Samsung Unveil World’s First Commercialised 5G TCU

BMW and Samsung showcased new approaches to creating the mobility experiences of the future with the world’s first commercialised 5G Telematics Control Unit. BMW announced that 2021’s BMW iNEXT will be the first car in the world to be equipped with 5G technology from Samsung and Harman. The two companies