Tesla Model 3 Driver Survives Massive 40-Foot Tumble Down Embankment After Seizure

Tesla is no stranger to turbulent times with production difficulties and its sometimes-erratic leader Elon Musk stirring the pot on Twitter, but one of the biggest ups for the automaker is how safe its cars are. Not only have they received the highest safety ratings in crash tests, they’ve proven

Should Carsharing Drivers Submit to Breathalyzers?

Lee says that carsharing companies need to do more to make sure is customers and others on the roads are safe.  Photo via Pxhere. A Canadian lawyer is pushing for carsharing companies to add breathalyzers to their cars, following a crash in Vancouver involving a Car2Go vehicle that killed a taxi

America Still Hasn't Crash Tested the Jeep Wrangler After One-Star Safety Ratings Abroad

Safety has never been the Jeep Wrangler’s raison d’être, that much is true. As the automotive world adopts multi-stage passive and active protection systems, the Wrangler rides among us as a relic of the Second World War that’s both a target of fervent obsession and the bearer of a fresh

Racing safety pioneer Bill Simpson dies at 79

Bill Simpson spent some of his later years developing football helmets he hoped would make the sport safer. Veteran racer Bill Simpson, who made one Indianapolis 500 start and was renowned in global motorsports for his development of groundbreaking safety equipment, died Monday, Dec. 16, in Indianapolis due to complications

2020 Lexus RX earns Top Safety Pick due to improved headlights

The 2020 Lexus RX has received a Top Safety Pick nod from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety thanks to some strategic improvements to its crash structure and an updated set of headlights. For the first time, the 2020 RX swept the insurance watchdog’s crashworthiness tests, receiving a “Good” in

Toyota MR2 Spyder Driver Miraculously Walks Away From Violent Crash With Semi Truck

A Georgia man is grateful to be sharing photos of his crushed Toyota MR2 Spyder after it was involved in a violent accident with a semi-truck on Monday. Despite the nasty-looking collision, the driver of the small two-seater walked away with minor injuries. Scott Shepherd of Rincon, Georgia was driving

Woman Living in Illegally-Parked, Snow-Buried Car Rescued After Being Hit by Snowplow

An unidentified South Lake Tahoe, California woman trapped in her snowed-covered car was dug out by authorities after a snowplow collided with her buried vehicle. The woman’s vehicle was parked illegally, and authorities believe she was living out of her car. After heavy snow buried her vehicle on Feb. 17,

Texas Town Finds Longer Yellow Lights Drastically Reduce Traffic Violations

A long-term study conducted at a select intersection in Texas suggests that longer yellow light intervals can reduce the number of red-light-running incidents. On April 11, 2018, the City Council of Denton, Texas commenced an experiment at one of its 12 intersections equipped with red light cameras, wherein it lengthened

Study: Automated safety features significantly reduce the risk of vehicle crashes

Those automated safety features may just be worth it after all.  A study released by GM on Monday found that safety technology such as automatic emergency braking reduced rear-end collisions by 46 percent and reverse automatic braking reduced back-out crashes by 81 percent.  “We can make substantial gains in safety

Report: Tesla Model 3 safety claims dinged by NHTSA lawyers

NHTSA lawyers don’t agree that the Model 3 “had achieved the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle the agency ever tested.” Tesla was slapped on the wrist for the second time in six years by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The organization sent the EV maker a cease-and-desist