2022 Nissan GT-R Nismo – new Stealth Gray colour, SE with CF hood and high-precision engine components – paultan.org

The R35 Nissan GT-R seems to be immortal. Not only is the current generation still around, Nissan has just unveiled the 2022 Nissan GT-R Nismo, which is back for a new model year. The GT-R Nismo, along with a special edition version, is set to launch in Japan in October.

High-End Audi A8 Horch Takes Shape In Unofficial Renderings

It could compete with the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Gander at your local grocery store parking lot, and you’re bound to find more SUVs than sedans. The big behemoths have shouldered small cars out of driveways, but luxury automakers have continued to support the saloon. Audi is readying a refreshed A8, and

A Modern Chevy Silverado 454 SS? Here’s What It Would Look Like

We love the classic Chevrolet 454 SS, but even the staunchest fans will admit that the other muscle trucks of the day—Ford’s F-150 Lightning, the smaller but wilder GMC Syclone—had it beat on actual muscle. Sure, the biggest engine in the lightest body style is a time-honored formula, but the

No More Sporty Back: Audi A7 Spied Without Camo As Stretched Sedan

Welcome to the longer less stylish A7L. China-based Audi customers will soon have a new sedan to purchase. Welcome to the mostly exposed Audi A7L which ditches the Audi A7’s iconic sloped roofline for more passenger space. Customers in China value rear legroom above all else which means expressive coupe-like

Fernando Alonso Sidelined by Sandwich Wrapper at F1 Bahrain Grand Prix … Really

The first Formula 1 race of 2021 happened on Sunday, and with it came two-time world champion Fernando Alonso’s return to the sport since his retirement in 2019. Alonso, hoping to score points in his first outing with Alpine, was forced to retire mid-race thanks to overheating brakes. And it

Tesla’s New Touchscreen Gear Selector Solves Problems No One Had

Tesla has excelled itself on many counts, but the user experience continues to be among its most divisive facets thanks to a new type of gear selector system causing a fair amount of bafflement and exasperation across social media. The great thing about learning to drive is that once you

Red Bull RB16B is not solely suited to Verstappen

Great news for Checo, unlike in past seasons when the Red Bull car has been designed with Max Verstappen in mind, this year’s RB16B is “also adapted” to Sergio Perez. That’s according to Helmut Marko. One complaint Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon both had during their short tenures as Red

Would You Try a Subscription Service Just for EVs?

The car subscription service is a concept automakers are still trying to work out as an alternative to traditional ownership or leasing, but there have already been some early flameouts from prominent players. Cadillac had placed its Book by Cadillac on hiatus years ago but is now trying to relaunch