Toyota GR Yaris Drag Races Mini JCW GP In Pocket Rocket Fight

Place your bets on which hot hatch wins. The Toyota GR Yaris is forbidden fruit in the United States, despite being one of the most lauded hot hatches in ages. In this video, Carwow gets ahold of one and challenges it against the latest iteration of the Mini John Cooper Works

GT Sport Daily Races: Special Provisions

There’s a new set of Daily Races awaiting GT Sport players this week and, unusually, two of the three events provide the vehicles for you. As is often the case, one of these is Race A, though you still have a decision to make. It’s not a particularly tricky choice

Ford Focus ST Drag Races The Golf GTI And Octavia RS Twins

Which hot hatch is the quickest? Can the all-new VW MK8 Golf GTI match some of its toughest competitors in a drag race? Well to find out, the team at carwow hit the airstrip to put the new MK8 Golf GTI to the ultimate test. The Ford Focus ST and

GT Sport Daily Races: One-Make Wonder

You’ll be heading to three of the world’s best-known race tracks in this week’s new set of GT Sport Daily Races, as two one-make races headline the offerings for the next seven days. This week’s Race A features one of the more unlikely choices of race car, with players getting

Ferrari 488 Pista Races McLaren 600LT For Spider Supercar Supremacy

When supercars race, everyone wins. Before we dip into this drag race video, know that the end result might be met with some controversy. We don’t always spoil the final outcome in racing clips like this, but we will share that information later in the article if you aren’t interested

GT Sport Daily Races: Porsche's Generation Game

It’s a new month as well as a new week, and, on schedule, there’s a new set of GT Sport Daily Races to tackle. There’s quite a range of performance this week, with some of the very fastest cars in the game to deal with, and a couple of challenging

Honda Civic Type R Drag Races Toyota Camry TRD And Honda Accord

See how the CTR performs against speedy family sedans. The folks at Throttle House enjoy setting up drag races with unorthodox vehicles. This is probably your only chance to see how the Honda Civic Type R performs up against a Toyota Camry TRD and Honda Accord. As a refresher, the

GT Sport Daily Races: Mid-Engined Mayhem

A new set of GT Sport Daily Races starts today, with something of a focus on cars with the engine in the middle. There’s three races as usual, with two mid-engined one-makes, and a racing car class that features the mid-mounted cars prominently. Race A features a road car that’s

GT Sport Daily Races: Catching Zs

Despite GT Sport coming up on three years old now, there’s still the occasional new thing cropping up, and this week’s Daily Races are a case in point. There’s three new races for you to get to grips with over the next seven days, and among them a circuit never

SSC Tuatara Drag Races Bugatti Veryon In Epic Hypercar Showdown

When the underdog has 1,000 horsepower, you know it’s going to be good. This drag racing video is 13 minutes and 51 seconds long. We say that not as a slam against long, drawn-out videos, because this clip from TheStradman gives us an up-close look at the mental SSC Tuatara.