Nokian One All-Season Tire Has Life Expectancy Of 80,000 Miles

Wait, what?! Nokian may be best known for its winter tires, but the company wants to expand its presence in new segments and markets. The Finnish firm believes its new One all-season tire will become a real game-changer with a predicted life of approximately 80,000 miles (128,750 kilometers). That’s according

US: One In Ten New Volvos Sold In December 2020 Was A Plug-In

Actually, the plug-in share out of Volvo’s total volume has reached 12%. Volvo happily announced that despite the challenging times, it has increased its car sales in the U.S. year-over-year. In December, sales increased 15.2% to 14,244, while in 2020 sales were up by 1.8% to 110,129. It seems also

Mercedes-AMG Project One driven by Lewis Hamilton –

Mercedes-AMG has launched a new marketing campaign titled “After work,” which features Lewis Hamilton getting behind the wheel of the upcoming Project One. The campaign includes a short video that serves as yet another preview for the halo vehicle of the E Performance division, and it certainly looks like some

Fastest Time To Push A Car One Mile Record Has Been Broken

Yes, that’s a Guinness World Record. Have you ever read the Guinness World Records book? There are so many weird records in there – the longest tongue, for example, or the longest jump by a cat. How about the longest golf club? Yes, the world of Guinness is weird and

Mercedes-AMG One Production Version Has Over 1,200 Horsepower: Report

Some juicy unconfirmed details, coming right up. The Mercedes-AMG One is coming, and Mercedes isn’t short in letting the world about its development. As we have seen in a previous track testing footage, the German marque is still in the tweaking stages – a process that could be testing the

Lando Norris: 'One more lap and I would've had Albon'

Lando Norris thinks that, if the Belgian Grand Prix had lasted one more lap, he would’ve passed Alex Albon and taken P6. After a fairly quiet race, the McLaren driver, sat in P7, began to catch Albon and Esteban Ocon towards the end, with the former struggling with worn out