Old Sketch Of A Modern Chevelle Surfaces And It Looks Familiar

Would you have loved the nameplate’s return if it were to look like this? The return of iconic nameplates has become rampant these days – and they sell. The Ford Bronco is back and with a smaller crossover in tow. The F-150 Lightning is another returning name from the Blue

New Audi S3 Vs Old Audi RS3 Hot Hatch Drag Race Is Crazy Close

It all comes down to the launch. What does nine years of Audi evolution look like? Visually, there isn’t a tremendous distinction between the new S3 and old RS3 from 2012. Sure, the grille is much bigger on the latest Audi and there are plenty of styling cues to easily

Old Nissan March gets Almera-style facelift in Mexico – paultan.org

Even though the Nissan Micra has long moved on to its fifth generation in Europe, the budget-oriented fourth-gen model remains popular in certain markets. Case in point – the hatchback continues to be built in Mexico, where the car is badged as the March and is Nissan’s third best-selling product

Govt: Scrap old car, get 5% rebate on new purchase

Car makers will provide the rebate on new car purchases as an incentive for people to scrap their old vehicle. The government of India has announced a 5% rebate on a new car purchase, if the old car is scrapped under the vehicle scrappage policy. The Minister for Road Transport

Mumbai: BEST to auction old double-decker buses

The old double-decker buses are being replaced with new ones. Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) is auctioning off old double-decker buses that have been in service for more than 15 years. BEST has 120 double-decker buses in its fleet. Out of these, 100 have been decommissioned. These will be

80-year old Porsche fan picks 80th Porsche on 80th birthday

Thanks to Darshan Radia for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page! Ottocar J. from Vienna, Austria is a collector of Porsche cars. On his 80th birthday, he picked up his 80th Porsche – a Boxster Spyder finished in Miami Blue

Nick Cassidy using ‘old’ engine for Super Formula decider

TOM’S driver Nick Cassidy has revealed he is having to use a “very old” engine for his final Super Formula race this weekend at Fuji Speedway. Cassidy’s four-season tenure in the Japanese single-seater series comes to a close after Sunday’s season finale as he switches to Formula E next season

Rare Photos of Old NASCAR Drivers at Riverside International Raceway—and More!

With every passing year, the machines that power NASCAR drivers to victory have slowly parted ways from their real counterparts. Cars that even a blind person could identify by the shape of a fender or the angle of the tumblehome are now amorphous, homogenous shapes that bear little resemblance to

Maruti’s Arena is 3 years old and has 745 outlets across Indi

In 2017, Maruti Suzuki announced that its sales outlets would be rebranded as Maruti Suzuki Arena. The company has now announced that it has opened 745 such outlets across the country in 3 years. According to Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director Marketing & Sales, the Arena dealerships were launched to meet

Check Out This Old Chicken Coop Full of Rare Muscle Cars!

Ever hear stories about places that don’t exist anymore? I had traveled through Wisconsin many times over the years, unfortunately after a place called the Dells Auto Museum had closed its doors. I had no idea what was behind those doors, but I had heard stories from friends that it