Volkswagen Group offered �7.5 billion to sell Lamborghini

Volkswagen has received an offer of €7.5 billion for Lamborghini from Quantum Group AG, despite it not being on sale. Volkswagen Group is said to have received an offer of €7.5 billion for Lamborghini. According to a media report, the offer comes from Quantum Group AG – a Zurich-based holding

2021 Acura TLX Already Offered With Nearly $3,000 In Lease Incentives

Unfortunately, it’s still far more expensive than the outgoing model. The Acura TLX is all-new for 2021, and early indications suggest it’s an improvement over the outgoing model in nearly every way. It’s also more expensive, at least in terms of entry-level trim, and not just by a few bucks

Daniel Ricciardo offered same tattoo bet to Helmut Marko

Not content enough with the possibility of his current boss getting a tattoo, Daniel Ricciardo also offered his ex-boss Helmut Marko the same opportunity. Renault are still awaiting a return to the podium since making their comeback to Formula 1 as a fully-fledged works outfit and, as Ricciardo looks to

Nikola Boss Offered Elon Musk Conventional Truck Design For Free

Should Musk consider the offer? Less than three days after the birth of the Tesla Cybertruck, a lot has already happened and we’re glad that we were able to catch them all for you. One of the latest news we’ve caught is this – Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motor

'Red Bull offered Gasly seat to Alonso at Silverstone'

Red Bull approached Fernando Alonso around the time of the British Grand Prix, offering him Pierre Gasly’s race-seat only to receiving a “resounding ‘no’”. Alonso walked away from Formula 1 at the end of last year but continues to make headlines as reports link to him a possible return in