4 Out Of 10 New Car Buyers Would Pay 12-Percent Markup: Study

Supply and demand rules are in effect. For those who’ve been living on Mars the past few months, you should know there’s a global shortage of computer chips. It’s affecting pretty much every industry that requires chips in its products, but the auto industry is really taking it on the

70% of drivers broke 30mph speed limits in lockdown

Government statistics show March 2020 lockdown brought a huge increase in the proportion of car drivers speeding in 30mph zones The UK’s first national lockdown in March 2020 brought with it a significant increase in the proportion of drivers breaking 30mph speed limits, according to official Government statistics. Some 73

Russia’s Idea Of A Widebody Conversion Is Welding Two Ladas Together

These guys have a Lada time on their hands. For most petrolheads, widebody conversions are generally accomplished with bigger wheel arches and the job is done. However, the guys at Garage54 recently built their own widebody Lada by welding two of the cars together. It’s no surprise that things got

Half Of US States Have At Least 1,000 Charging Points

The EV charging infrastructure expands every day. The U.S. electric car sales and infrastructure, just like the population, highly varies depending on state, but basically each region moves forward at its own speed. According to the U.S. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, as of March 2021, 25

Robin gave Kimi 'a bit of that' over Portimao crash

Kimi Raikkonen’s Portuguese Grand Prix crash went from bad to worse when he got home only to have his son, Robin, tease him about it. Raikkonen’s race at the Portimao circuit ended almost as soon as it began, the Finn crashing into his Alfa Romeo team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi at the

Saab 9-5 HOT Aero | Shed of the Week

The Aero was a Swedish surface-to-surface missile. Now it's primo Shed By Tony Middlehurst / Friday, May 7, 2021 / Loading comments Few cars have had more ‘that’s a lot of car for the money’ compliments flung at them than the pokey and luxurious top-spec versions of the Saab 9-5.

Audi\u2019s 24 Hours of Le Mans Return Is Set for 2023

Thirteen-time Le Mans winner Audi says it has “largely completed” the concept work on its 2023 Le Mans race car and says it is being developed with the automaker with the most Le Mans wins, Porsche. Audi’s most-recent Le Mans win was in 2014 and the automaker got out of

Gran Turismo Sport Balance of Performance Update Brings Gr.4 Tweaks

Although the 2021 GT Sport FIA Online Championship season has already started, Polyphony Digital has pushed out a small update to the Balance of Performance calculations. The update only affects a handful of cars, but for those who’ve already chosen their manufacturers — and raced in the first race of

Drive to Survive part of F1 'opening the doors' to fans

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes that “Netflix has been great for Formula 1”, with the success of Drive to Survive opening the sport up to a swathe of new fans around the world. The three series of the show have given a never-before-seen look behind the circus that follows the

All Sorts Of Official 2021 Ford Bronco Accessories Leaked Online

From roof racks to engine tunes, this is a taste of what’s to come. The new Bronco is almost here. Ford pledges that everything is on track for the reborn SUV to reach dealerships come summertime. It will be a thoroughly capable off-roader in factory trim when it arrives, but