Nissan Explains Why It Took Its Sweet Time With The New Z

And throws a bit of shade on the Supra. Just like its sports car brother, the next-generation Nissan Z sports car had been a long time coming. But thankfully that statement is now a past perfect tense (sort of) with the introduction of the Nissan Z Proto this week. Finally,

New Nissan Z Not Using Adaptive Steering, Goal Is A 'Connected' Feel

The Z needs to be engaging for drivers. The new Nissan Z is shaping up to an accessible sports car with a pure, driver-focused experience behind the wheel. That apparently includes not using the drive-by-wire Direct Adaptive Steering system available on some Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, according to a report from

In 1983, the Nissan Bluebird Proved So Cool You Must Robot-Dance With It

On this side of the Pacific Ocean, the rear-wheel-drive Nissan Maxima was available through the 1984 model year. In the Maxima’s homeland, however, a new front-wheel-drive version of the Bluebird hit the streets in 1983; a stretched version of this car became the North American Maxima starting in 1985. Here’s

Nissan Fairlady 400Z to get auto gearbox, convertible? –

Nissan has confirmed that its upcoming Z sports car, the Fairlady 400Z, will be offered with both a six-speed manual and an automatic gearbox. This came straight from the mouth of Z Proto’s chief product specialist, Hiroshi Tamura, who told Cars Guide that “we are going to have a two-pedal

10 Great Projects to Keep You Busy This Winter

The crisp fall air means different things to different people. To some, it’s a sign that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has made its return to your local Starbucks, to others it’s time to start sourcing your winter project. While the actual process of chasing down your project is part of

Nissan Preps for the 400Z With New Z Proto Unveiling

Nissan has finally unveiled its Z Proto — a precursor to its 2021 400Z. Aligned with the Z’s 50the anniversary, the Z Proto carries a lot of design cues that pay homage to its rich history and pay respect to the Datsun days. Although less circular, the extension of the

Nissan Quietly Reveals Aggressive Z Proto Left On Cutting Room Floor

Ah, what could have been. The new Z car is finally here, and with it comes a retro-flavored design that takes after previous Z cars including the original 240Z and the 300ZX (Z32). From the squared front grille and rounded headlights to the swoopy roofline and horizontal taillights, the Z