2021 MotorTrend Truck of the Year: Contenders and Finalists

If my neighborhood is any indication, one industry that hasn’t been impacted by this year’s health crisis is home construction and repair. As I greet the morning, poking my head out the sliding-glass door with coffee in hand, I hear the dulcet resonances of circular saws, nail guns, and air

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For less than the cost of an extra-large supreme pizza you would have bought at the local pizzeria that’s now delivery-only, you can subscribe to the MotorTrend App for an entire year and stream 3,200+ hours of the best in automotive entertainment, including HOT ROD Garage, Wheeler Dealers, and 25+

Acura RDX vs. Volvo XC60 Comparison Test: Popular vs. Cool

As anyone with memories of high school can remember, being popular doesn’t always equate with being the coolest kid in class. The best-selling compact luxury SUV on a retail basis is the Acura RDX. Sure, when you include sales to corporate fleets, Mercedes, Lexus, and Audi sneak by. But when

These Special Editions Will Have to do Until New Maseratis Arrive

Maserati is in a sales conundrum, and scrambling to keep customers interested until its new products arrive. To that end, in advance of this year’s upcoming Monterey Car Week festivities Maserati has announced two limited-edition cars created in partnership with Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna. Will this poke of the

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: Every Color You Can Get on the C8

What color do you want for your new Corvette Stingray? This could be the hardest question C8 fans may face while perusing Chevy’s 2020 Corvette online “Visualizer” and preorder site, which is currently the best place to spec out your dream machine until the model finally reaches dealerships in early

Off-Roading the 2020 Subaru Outback: 10 Things to Know

The 2020 Subaru Outback impresses with its trail capability, owed to its stiffer body, stronger suspension, and X-Mode off-road setting. In our First Drive, we covered about 30 miles of trails, ranging from bumpy dirt roads, tight switchbacks, a few steep pitches—plus a jaunt through a lagoon. Here’s what you

Chevrolet Corvette Performance History: We\u0027ve Been Testing \u0027Vettes Since 1954

From the first 150-horsepower 1954 convertible to the latest 755-hp 2019 ZR1 coupe, MotorTrend has tested every generation of Corvette. Our record keeping is now computerized (forgive the blanks), and our methods for measuring performance have changed over the years. Acceleration, for instance, was first two-aboard with a bank of

Watch an Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tow 1.25 Million Pounds

Ford has mentioned it would introduce an all-electric F-150, but little did we know a prototype is well underway. In a new video, Ford not only shows off its electric F-150 prototype but demonstrates it can tow 1.25 million pounds. Linda Zhang, F-150 chief engineer, drives the F-150 as it