Six-month MoT extension ends on Saturday

Department for Transport ends MoT extension on Saturday 1 August; cars due an MoT before that date still get extra six months The coronavirus MoT extension – that saw MoT certificates for cars due a test from 30 March automatically extended by six months – comes to an end this

MoT finalising amendments to Act 333, heavier penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

There has been a spate of drunk driving incidents of late that claimed lives. While the perpetrators have been charged and hauled to court almost immediately in the most recent cases (Toyota C-HR lawan arus in Pahang and Nissan Grand Livina dragging a motorcyclist along Mahameru in KL are among

MoT tests: six-month extension granted in wake of coronavirus

Transport Secretary announces six-month MoT extension for drivers whose cars are due MoT from 30 March, though vehicles must be kept “in roadworthy condition” Cars that are due an MoT from 30 March will be granted a six-month extension from the requirement to have a valid MoT, after the Department

Ride Into the Wasteland in Style With This Insane Lexus V-8-Powered Motorcycle

Any time you figure out how to strap yourself to a giant V-8 engine on two wheels, you have earned my undying respect, and a little bit of fear. Making it look like an extra from 2Pac’s California Love video just earns you bonus points. Meet Gangrena, a custom