One-of-eight Morgan Aero GT for sale

The last Morgan to get the NA V8 was always going to be special – this one has accrued £160k in value By Becky Wells / Tuesday, September 14, 2021 / Loading comments The Morgan Aero 8 divided opinion as soon as it was launched; no one can deny that.

Morgan Shows New 3 Wheeler, Confirmed To Return Next Year

It has a Ford-sourced, naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine. Just weeks after building the final example of the 3 Wheeler, Morgan is teasing the next generation of the trike-like model. It hits the road next year. The next-gen 3 Wheeler in these teaser images is under heavy camouflage, but they tell

New three-wheeled Morgan confirmed

But it's not the 3-Wheeler. Not yet, anyway… By Matt Bird / Wednesday, September 1, 2021 / Loading comments Back when the P101 edition bade farewell to the Morgan 3-Wheeler at the end of 2020, Morgan was adamant that a new car would return in 2021 once a suitable replacement

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Will Be A Motorsport-Inspired V8 Thug

“Raw, visceral, loud, and low,” Morgan‘s latest press release opens. Blimey. The Malvern Hills-based company is talking about the Plus 8 GTR, a brief but glorious comeback for its V8 sports car that went out of production in 2018. Morgan recently re-acquired some unused Plus 8 rolling chassis, which became

Morgan’s New Plus 8 GTR With a BMW V8 Looks Almost Modern Thanks to Wild Aero

As the first in a line of several Morgan special projects to commence in 2021, just nine examples of the newly unveiled Plus 8 GTR will be built, powered by the 4.8-liter BMW N62 engine that originally produced 362 horsepower in the now discontinued Aero-chassis Plus 8 series. These naturally-aspirated