Old Sketch Of A Modern Chevelle Surfaces And It Looks Familiar

Would you have loved the nameplate’s return if it were to look like this? The return of iconic nameplates has become rampant these days – and they sell. The Ford Bronco is back and with a smaller crossover in tow. The F-150 Lightning is another returning name from the Blue

A Modern Chevy Silverado 454 SS? Here’s What It Would Look Like

We love the classic Chevrolet 454 SS, but even the staunchest fans will admit that the other muscle trucks of the day—Ford’s F-150 Lightning, the smaller but wilder GMC Syclone—had it beat on actual muscle. Sure, the biggest engine in the lightest body style is a time-honored formula, but the

Ferrari Daytona Getting Modern Makeover Is A Controversial Creation

Can such a timeless design be faithfully recreated for the modern era? Okay friends, it’s time for another retro redesign from TheSketchMonkey on YouTube and there’s no easy way to step into this feature. On the digital canvas for this round is the Ferrari Daytona, and frankly, we have mad