Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race Model X Raven

There can be just one winner in this Tesla versus Tesla race. A Tesla Model X Raven takes on the Model 3 Performance in a drag race. This Tesla versus Tesla matchup can only end with one winner, but which car is it? These days, Teslas have become a household name

Tesla Model Y Added To NHTSA Database, VINs Registered

More evidence the Model Y may be coming to market very soon. The Tesla Model Y has been officially listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) VIN decoder website. Not long after the Tesla Model 3 was listed as a model on the NHTSA site, deliveries started. However,

Tesla Model 3 Is Surprisingly Good To Camp In, Even In Winter

And by camp we also mean the instances when you’re stuck in a snow storm. As part of the 2019 holiday update, Tesla added a Camp Mode feature that makes its cars better at accommodating people inside, while stationary, for extended periods. The main functions it provides are maintaining airflow

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Race Charger Hellcat In 1/2-Mile

Can the Model 3 hang in this long 1/2-mile drag race? As we’ve seen on numerous occasions now, the Tesla Model 3 Performance beats almost every car in the 1/4-mile, but can it take down the Charger Hellcat in a 1/2-mile race? Watch the video and you’ll soon find out.

Watch Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot Avoid Crash With Distracted Driver

Even in beta form, Autopilot prevents numerous crashes. When Smart Summon tests started, an informative video from Tesla Raj reminded people it is beta software. As Autopilot still is. That status requires people to know they are helping to test the software, which is not production-ready yet. We just wonder

Watch Tesla Model X, Porsche Cayenne, Ford F-250 Tug Of War Battle

It’s Tesla versus Porsche in round one, then the winner takes on the mighty F-250 in round two. This tug-of-war challenge pits the Tesla Model X up against the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The winner then takes on the mighty Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck. Though we can probably predict