Can The Tesla Model 3 Launch Repeatedly Like Porsche Taycan?

Still not quite like it, but the repetition part happened for sure. Jonny Smith, from the Fully Charged YouTube channel, had the chance to test drive the Porsche Taycan less than a week ago. And he performed exactly 30 launches from 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h). Could a Tesla

Report: Tesla Model 3 safety claims dinged by NHTSA lawyers

NHTSA lawyers don’t agree that the Model 3 “had achieved the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle the agency ever tested.” Tesla was slapped on the wrist for the second time in six years by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The organization sent the EV maker a cease-and-desist

Tesla Model X Prepared To Tackle "World's Toughest" Towing Test

Is the Model X capable of a nearly impossible towing demonstration? A concept of the upcoming Ford F-150 all-electric pickup truck just made waves when it was shown towing over 1 million pounds. It’s important to note that the pull was on rails, which is not representative of real-world driving.

Tesla Model 3 Cameras Catch Crash, Prove Car's Agility

Hopefully, Tesla’s innovation helps solve problems and pushes other automakers to offer dashcams. There are plenty of reasons we share these videos and give Tesla credit for its TeslaCam and Sentry Mode features. First of all, we think the tech is fantastic and we hope other automakers will move forward in

New Tesla Model S Raven VBOX Acceleration Tests: Video

Is it really faster from zero-to-60 mph, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile? Not long ago, Tesla surprised us with an update to its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles. Essentially, the design team borrowed a motor configuration concept from the Model 3 to make the cars more efficient and quicker.

Tesla Model 3 Orders In Germany Stable At Over 700 In July

Official data hints at stable demand for the Tesla Model 3 in Germany, although sales are actually irregular, with peaks at the end of quarters Demand for the Tesla Model 3 in Germany seems to stabilize at over 700 per month, basedsing on the number of subsidy applications to the

Tesla Model 3 Sets New Cannonball Run Record For EVs

What a fantastic addition to a U.S. road trip. A 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD just set the new EV Cannonball Run record. It was piloted by a family from Switzerland, however, they were driving the car on a vacation in the United States. The Thomsen family decided

Is The Tesla Model X The Epitome Of Future Family Vehicles?

The Model X is big enough for families, but it doesn’t feel or drive like a big car. Last year, Luxembourg-based Bianca Hurduc decided to start a car blog, Arctic Swan, to provide auto news and reviews. But the site needed a twist. She wanted to feature “inspiring lady drivers with wanderlust… written by a

Tesla Model S Raven Charging Power Tested At IONITY CCS: Video

Tesla Model S Long Range (Raven) charging power peaks at 142 kW using a CCS Combo 2 adapter in Europe. Here is a charging test of the latest Tesla Model S – Raven (the Long Range Performance) at an IONITY fast-charging station using the Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter conducted by Bjørn Nyland.

Dirt Late Model star enters NASCAR Eldora Truck race

Successful Dirt Late Model ace Kyle Strickler will make his second NASCAR start next week at Eldora. The High Side Tickler is coming back to NASCAR. Accomplished Dirt Late Model and Modified star Kyle Strickler will make just his second start in the Gander Outdoors Truck Series in next week’s