Are Cheaper Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Vehicles Coming Soon?

Tesla wants to offer cheaper cars, and advances in battery tech is the only sensible solution. Will Tesla use Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs in the U.S. in the future to make a $39,000 Model Y Long Range rear-wheel-drive variant, as well as a Model 3 Long Range RWD that

Watch Tesla Model Y Drag Race Jeep Trackhawk: World's Quickest SUV Battle

We’ve asked time and time again if the Tesla Model Y is the quickest small crossover to date. Let’s find out. Edmunds pits two of the world’s quickest SUVs against one another in this exciting video. It’s also pitting electric versus gas propulsion. Will the Tesla Model Y outclass the Jeep

Tesla Model 3 In-Depth 10,000-Mile Cost-Of-Ownership Analysis

How much money will you save by buying an electric car instead of a gas car? This Tesla Model 3 cost-of-ownership followup just premiered today. If you’re in the market for a Model 3, another Tesla vehicle, or any EV for that matter, it’s worth your time. The Model 3

Tesla Model Y China Production May Begin This November

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Phase 2 should be completed in the next two months. Tesla’s progress in China thus far has been pretty incredible, to say the least. The company went from a January 2019 groundbreaking in a muddy field to an operational factory building Model 3 sedans in record time.

China: Tesla MIC Model 3 Sales Improved In August To 11,800

But it’s not enough to beat the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV at roughly 15,000. August was a pretty decent month for Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 in China, as the latest reports reveal the second best-ever monthly results. The total MIC sales* amounted to about 11,800 according to China

Did Tesla Fix Model Y Delivery Issues We Previously Shared?

A month ago, we shared a Tesla Model Y touchless delivery with you. Now, we have the followup. Tesla influencer Tesla Raj took us along on a Model Y delivery last month. Is was interesting and a bit unique since it happened at the Tesla Fremont Factory. In addition, it was