This Tesla Model S Plaid Drove Underwater, Lived To Tell The Tale

It is a well documented fact that EVs can wade through deeper water than internal combustion engine vehicles can. We’ve seen many videos of electric vehicles tackling floodwater that would have left any ICE vehicle stranded. But did you know there’s a man who’s trying to turn a Tesla Model

Tesla Model Y UK Configurator Goes Live

The UK Tesla Model Y configurator is now up and running ahead of first deliveries early next year. The RHD version of Tesla’s crossover will be available in either Long Range or Performance guise, with prices starting at £54,990 ($75,562) and £64,990 ($89,304) respectively. Currently only the five-seat Model Y

Tesla Model Y Lands In Italy, Dacia Spring Leads Record September

September sales have brought fresh records throughout the continent’s major car markets, and all this is happening in the background of a wider crisis for traditional powertrains. In a quarter-end month filled with expectations for market share as well as individual model exploits, Italy’s car market does not disappoint and

Tesla hikes price of Model 3, Model Y by $2,000

Tesla increased the price of the Model 3 compact sedan and related Model Y compact crossover this week. The base price of each electric vehicle increases by $2,000, and that follows a $1,000 price hike in July. The Performance trims of each model also increase by $1,000.  The Model 3

Tesla Increases Model 3, Model Y Price In The US

Tesla has been increasing the price of its Model 3 and Model Y throughout 2021 and now the manufacturer has upped it yet again. Previously, you could order a Model 3 Standard Range Plus for $39,990 or the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor (the base model in the US

Tesla Model S Plaid Destroys Aventador SVJ In Half Mile Drag Race

Tesla are infamous for making cars with insane acceleration. That said, they often begin to stutter once you reach higher speeds. Hence there are numerous videos online of performance-oriented Teslas beating supercars in quarter mile drag races, and then losing when it comes to half mile ones. However, all that

The Tesla Model S Plaid Has Ruined Everything, But That's Ok

You may not be familiar with the RacerX YouTube channel. We can honestly say we weren’t. This is likely because the channel doesn’t yet have a reputation for covering a lot of EVs. Nonetheless, it appears the Tesla Model S Plaid has gotten RacerX’s attention, and for good reason. In