New Hyundai Sonata N Line Meets Honda Accord, Accura TLX In Drag Race

The new kid on the block meets the old dogs. It’s safe to say Hyundai pretty much nailed it with the new generation Sonata. It seems that everyone here at loves the new South Korean sedan and our Senior Editor Brett Evans even said the Sonata N Line is “simply

Meet The Man Who Owns 17 Volkswagens

A big collection with one very special car. It’s no surprise that any self-respecting petrolhead wants to have a car collection of some sort. As such, a man named Steve Smith started a stockpile of Volkswagens that is 17 strong at the moment. Deutsche Auto Parts’ latest video takes a

Meet The Acura NSX That Sold For $277,000

Prepare to spend a few minutes looking at a very nice car while scratching your chin. Yes, another Japanese modern classic has gone for a silly amount of money on auction site Bring a Trailer. Hot on the heels of a Honda S2000 and a Civic Si each selling for

Koenigsegg and Polestar meet up to talk about cars –

Earlier in the month, Koenigsegg and Polestar announced a mysterious collaboration on social media, which got many people both excited and interested. Several weeks later, the companies have released a video featuring the Koenigsegg Gemera alongside the Polestar Precept. Unfortunately, the video isn’t meant to reveal a joint development project

Tom Hartley: meet the supercar salesman to the stars

Tom Hartley has spent 45 years selling the dream to petrolheads. We met the man who counts Rod Stewart among his celebrity customers The car world is full of colourful characters, but few have a story quite as remarkable as Tom Hartley’s. Born in Glasgow, Hartley is now at the

Meet Sainz and Norris' McLaren MCL35 F1 car

With a little less pomp but definitely with ceremony, McLaren has unveiled its MCL35 to the world at the team’s Technology Centre. Unlike Ferrari’s song and dance about its 2020 challenger or Red Bull’s single image release, McLaren opted for the middle ground for its Thursday launch. Carlos Sainz and

'Mercedes won't meet Lewis Hamilton's demands, Ferrari will'

Mercedes will not be willing to pay Lewis Hamilton’s 55 million Euros per season but, according to Helmut Marko, Ferrari might. Hamilton was reportedly on the verge of signing a new two-year deal with Mercedes at the beginning of January. That, though, changed when Max Verstappen put pen to paper

REVEALED! Meet the Hosts of Top Gear America – Hot Rod

After an exhaustive search, we’re proud to announce the hosts of Top Gear America, coming exclusively to the MotorTrend app in spring 2020: Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry, and Jethro Bovingdon. Or, as they tell it: two comedians, a guy who’s actually British and the Stig. “If we’re ever given a