Lucid Air receives a new base variant – single-motor, RWD powertrain with 480 hp; priced from USD69,900 –

When the Lucid Air was first revealed last month, the line-up was initially made up of four variants, namely the Air Touring, Air Grand Touring and Air Dream Edition. Now, the company has added a base variant that is both more affordable and expands its ability to take on Tesla’s

Base Lucid Air Sedan Challenges Tesla Model S With Longer Range and Cheaper Price

The Lucid Air sedan is an impressive EV. With quarter-mile times dipping into the nine-second region and non-stop range allegedly exceeding 500 miles in top-spec, it’s slated to be more capable than any Tesla vehicle currently for sale. That capability is reflected in its price, however. At reveal time, the

Lucid Motors Opens First Standalone Showroom And Service Center In Beverly Hills

Currently, visits are by appointment only. Lucid Motors has just opened its first standalone retail location, a studio and service center in Beverly Hills, California. If you think like me you probably just said to yourself, “Of course it’s in Beverly Hills…”. It’s important to note that this isn’t Lucid Motors’s

Lucid Air Teased Lowering Its Crazy Quarter-Mile Time Even More

“What’s quicker than quick?” It wasn’t long since Lucid introduced the Air Dream Edition – the latest from the American electric car company that promises superlatives that could make Tesla lose its sleep. Notably, the Dream Edition comes with an incredible quarter-mile time of 9.9 seconds. But the Air’s incredible

Lucid Air: Top Ten Things You Need To Know

This single video sums up the Lucid Air rather well. It’s the fastest driving, and fastest charging electric vehicle you can buy. This is the Lucid Air, and here are 10 things you need to know. Range, efficiency, performance, and even powering your home from your car – all some

Lucid CEO Talks Tesla Production Hell And Nikola's Current Disaster

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson doesn’t appreciate startup ‘wannabes’. Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson talked to Forbes’ Brooke Crothers about electric vehicles in general, the Lucid Air, startup “wannabes,” Tesla production hell, the Nikola Threatens To Sue Hindenburg Research For Fraud Accusations against Nikola, and Nikola’s response. That’s a whole lot to

The Lucid Air Is A True Engineer's Car, According to Ben Sullins

Form really follows function in what promises to be the best electric car around. Ben Sullins did not use this expression when he recorded this video on the Lucid Air. Anyway, he would probably agree that this is an “engineer’s car,” a vehicle that is much more impressive by its

Behold The Lucid SUV: Touted As Being As Efficient As The Air Sedan

Lucid took a gamble in not launching the SUV first, opting to go with the Air sedan, but it is the next model planned to be released. Even though the automotive market is currently being fueled by a frenzied demand for high-riding SUVs and crossovers, EV upstart Lucid decided that

Lucid Releases Video Foreshadowing Air's Crazy 1/4-Mile Acceleration

Will Lucid Dream Edition set a new world record soon? It appears that’s what it’s suggesting. Many electric car startups have touted more range and faster acceleration than Tesla’s vehicles. They’ve come and gone, but no company has succeeded yet, aside from the Porsche Taycan giving the Model S a

2021 Lucid Air’s Claimed 517 Miles of Range Comes From a Much Smaller Battery Than Expected

We’ll finally see the 2021 Lucid Air luxury electric sedan debut on September 9 after years of wondering if it will ever happen, but now we’ve got another spicy detail, courtesy of Carscoops. The Air’s battery pack is significantly smaller than people expected.  According to Lucid, the company had a