2022 Hyundai Tucson Looks Wild In The Metal

This video answers any question you have about the new Tucson. If you have any interest in the 2022 Hyundai Tucson, then this video from the channel Asian Petrolhead is something you have to watch. The host takes viewers through every aspect of the new crossover, including pushing practically every

Vauxhall looks towards Britain’s electric future

As the UK’s EV landscape grows rapidly, we look at Vauxhall’s plans to have its entire model range electrified by 2024 The motoring industry is changing at a rapid pace. The need to address climate change has led to fast developments in areas of technology, manufacturing, sustainability and recycling. This

Hyundai Prophecy Concept Looks Like A Pebble, Has No Steering Wheel

It’s an all-electric sedan study that shows Hyundai’s future design language. Hyundai has called its latest concept Prophecy because in the company’s view, it foretells what future models will look like. It also potentially announces a future where cars don’t have steering wheels any more, since the only control method

Dodge Grand Caravan Looks Tempting In Dramatic, Action-Packed Ad

Admit you want it. Anyone with a smartphone can sell just about anything online. Craigslist is packed with people selling cars with duplicate posts, incorrect or misleading information, and low-resolution photos. Finding quality ads and cars is difficult in a sea of mediocrity, which means it’s also challenging for those

The New Nissan Juke Looks Surprisingly Normal

The Nissan Juke’s odd, some might say ugly looks didn’t put off the million-ish people who bought one. But it’s now old, and to stay popular, it desperately needs a replacement. Which Nissan has duly made. The new Nissan Juke was first teased a few weeks ago, but now it’s

Mercedes X-Class Looks Hip With Swanky Bike Rack

The rack tilts downward for easier access to the bikes. Carlex Design is best known for crafting ultra-luxurious, custom interiors for a variety of vehicles, but the firm now offers a bike rack for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class with a very cool design. The layout mounts the bicycles above the bed

Volkswagen R Sub Brand Looks Set To Get A New Logo

Volkswagen has filed trademark applications for updated versions of the R and R-Line logos. The German automaker filed to reserve both of the new logos with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The logos fall under usage classifications for cars and motor vehicles, retail outlet stores for motor vehicles, scale models