Land Rover Drops Plans For Defender Pickup Truck, Explains Why

Is the upcoming 130 a good enough alternative? There might be bad news for pickup truck fans because Land Rover reportedly is dropping plans to build a four-door pickup (like the old one above) using the upcoming Defender 130 as a starting point. An unnamed, high-level insider from Jaguar Land

2020 Land Rover Defender First Look Review: Hardcore 4×4 SUV Reveal

It’s been a long time coming, but the 2020 Land Rover Defender looks to be worth the wait. The new Defender combines a 21st-century take on iconic Land Rover design cues with a state-of-the-art body, powertrain, suspension, and electronic hardware. And it promises to deliver both benchmark off-road capability and

Odd Land Rover Back Packer Rendering Is A Modular, Electric Off-Roader

Different packs in the rear would offer a variety of equipment for specific types of adventures. Designer Edwin Senger has imagined the futuristic Land Rover Back Packer concept as a modular vehicle capable of taking people anywhere. He specifically takes inspiration for the Series I Land Rover but adapts the basic

AD: Jaguar Land Rover roadshow at BSC this weekend – low interest rates starting from just 1.18% on offer

With low hire purchase interest rates, money is saved throughout the car loan tenure. The savings can add up to quite a bit, since we’re talking about relatively large amounts, spread over a couple of years. With that said, Jaguar Land Rover will be having a roadshow at Bangsar Shopping

Epic Toyota Land Cruiser With Portal Axles Is Ready To Go Anywhere

The one-off LC79 Supertourer from Australian-based PCOR looks unstoppable. We love Australia. The country is big, the engines are big, the burnouts are positively epic, and when it comes to overlanding, the off-roaders aren’t just showpieces on big tires. Patriot Campers Off Road (PCOR for short) is well acquainted with

Land Rover’s New Defender Upgrade Kits Will Refresh Old Warriors

Land Rover has announced a range of upgrades designed for Defender models, helping to bring their appearance up to date. The kits, inspired by the sheer demand the company saw for the more powerful, sharper-handling Defender Works V8 of 2018, can bring aesthetic and performance gains to Defenders built since

Toyota Land Cruiser To Lose V8 Engines For Next Generation?

Two things: efficiency and less CO2 emissions. Among the reasons why the Toyota Land Cruiser has been a very attractive SUV with off-roaders and normal car-buyers alike is the availability of the formidable V8 option. In fact, the 381-horsepower (284-kiloWatt) 5.7-Liter 3UR-FE V8 gasoline mill remains as the sole choice

This Is One Rad Restored Land Rover Defender

How cool would it be if you could order a custom version of your dream classic car as if it were coming right off of the assembly line? Well, if you’re a fan of classic Land Rovers, you’re in luck because U.K.-based Arkonik will build you a fully restored (and/or

Chinese Arm of Jaguar Land Rover Commits to Sizable $1 Billion EV Investment

The Chinese wing of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Chery-JLR, signed an agreement Thursday to invest ¥7 billon RMB ($1 billion USD) in its manufacturing facility based in Changshu. Chery’s facility there is the only complete JLR vehicle plant outside the United Kingdom and has a maximum annual production capacity of