New BMW 4 Series Coupe Might Lose Manual Gearbox In U.S.

But the next M4 will still have three pedals. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s spy shots with the new BMW 4 Series Coupe caught undergoing testing, a new report about the car has now emerged that might upset purists. Our pals at BMW Blog have it on good authority

Lamborghini Huracan gets the Liberty Walk treatment

Liberty Walk has been making bodykits for exotic cars for some time now, and it’s latest creation is for those who want their Lamborghini Huracan to look a little more special than others. The kit is called the Silhouette Works GT, and it includes a new front bumper and splitter,

Rumour: 7th-gen BMW 3 Series launch on August 22, 2019

According to a media report, the seventh generation BMW 3 Series is likely to be launched in India on August 22, 2019. Test mules of the new 3 Series have already been spotted testing in India. The new model is based on the CLAR architecture and is longer than its

Tesla Model 3 Boom In Norway Leads To Problems

Growth of car sales outpaced Tesla’s capacity in Norway. Customers complain about Model 3 quality. So far this year, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car of any kind in Norway, but the unprecedented volume led to new problems with insufficient service capacity and a high number of complaints on