Tesla Increases Its Market Share In Major Markets To New Records

Thanks to the fast increase of sales and general slowdown in the automotive industry, caused by global chip shortage, Tesla was able to increase its market share to new records. The company reports – using industry data about market results – that its share in U.S./Canada is close to 2%,

Audi Let Ken Block Drive Its Greatest Rally Cars

Ken Block, if you haven’t heard, is now an Audi driver. That comes with some privileges, like the opportunity to work closely with the company’s electric team to develop the future of the brand. It also comes with the chance to drive Audi’s greatest-ever rally cars in anger on a

McLaren 570GT Tests Its Performance Chops Against A V10 F1 Car

The performance gap continues to narrow. Today’s road-going supercars are mental machines with power and performance deemed alien just a few decades ago. However, for all their advancements, they still trail dedicated race cars. A new video from the Driven Media YouTube channel highlights their performance differences, pitting a V10-powered

CATL unveils its first-generation sodium-ion battery – paultan.org

Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) has unveiled its first sodium-ion battery, which it hopes to form a supply chain for by 2023. The new battery does not contain lithium, cobalt or nickel, which the company says makes it a more cost-effective alternative to the likes of nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) and lithium

Bentley Had Its Best Half Of The Year Ever, China Is The Biggest Market

The Bentayga was obviously the top seller. It was only yesterday when Aston Martin posted an impressive H1 2021 performance and now another British luxury brand is happy to report the January – June interval was quite fruitful. Bentley just had its best first half of the year ever, setting

Toyota GR86 makes its UK debut at Goodwood event – paultan.org

The Toyota GR 86 has made its dynamic debut in the United Kingdom at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, which took place over the weekend. The new sports car joins other models in Toyota’s GR line-up that were also present at the event, namely the GR Yaris and GR

Panasonic sells all of its stake in Tesla for RM15 billion – paultan.org

Panasonic has just sold its entire stake in Tesla for about 400 billion yen (US$3.61 billion, or RM15 billion), as it seeks to reduce dependency on the American automaker and raise capital for growth investment, a company spokesperson told Reuters recently. In 2010, Panasonic bought 1.4 million Tesla shares for