Why Bahrain ‘oval’ is the kind of innovation F1 needs

When Ross Brawn suggested back in June that Formula 1 could run on the Bahrain ‘almost oval’ track, it was thought by many as an exciting but unrealistic possibility. After all, F1 has proved itself time and again to be a bit conservative when it comes to moving away from

First Polestar Space In UK Is Coming To Westfield London

High-traffic locations are the way to go for Polestar Spaces. Polestar intends to launch its first Polestar Space in the UK in Westfield London, the largest shopping centre in Europe, clearly to raise brand awareness and show the cars in person. The official opening to the public is scheduled for

Voters Wanted: This Vanagon is Helping Philadelphians Vote

With COVID-19 making voting unsafe for a number of people, cities need ways to help get the vote out. Philadelphia is looking to a 1991 Vanagon. Operated by David Thornburgh, president of the Committee of Seventy, a non-partisan good government group founded in 1904, the van will be out this

Federal Tax Credit Is Ford Mustang Mach-E’s Main Sales Argument Over Teslas

Check the dealer training slide MachEClub.com discovered. If you had two electric vehicles that are very similar in specs, what would make you decide for one of them? Any tiny difference in roominess, performance, or range? Pricing? What if one of them was $7,500 cheaper than the other? Ford believes

ABT-Tuned Audi RS Q8-R Is an Ode to Carbon Fiber

The Audi RS Q8 is a rocket ship of a crossover SUV. It currently holds the lap record at the Nürburgring for a production SUV, bettering its more powerful Italian cousin, the Lamborghini Urus, by five seconds. But for all of its racetrack crushing pace, some might say the RS

ABT’s 1 of 125 RSQ8-R is Here to Take on the Bentayga Speed

Yesterday, Bentley announced that it had stuck a W12 into its Bentayga to renew its title as the fastest SUV on earth. ABT politely disagrees. Its challenger, the Riskater, is a 740 HP tuned version of the RS Q8 and it can hit 195 mph. Take that Bentayga Speed and

Confirmed: A BMW M3 Touring Is Coming At Last

It was only this morning we told you an M3 Touring might happen, and now BMW has officially confirmed it. What’s more, the car is coming a whole two years sooner than we anticipated, as the development process is underway. Time to start saving the pennies. Before it’s launched, there’ll

Antonio Felix Da Costa Is The New Formula E Champion

The season is now over and the winner is Da Costa. The Portuguese driver won the Formula E crown for 2020 at race 9 in Berlin. We talk about it here on “Behind the Race” with Michela Cerruti and Matt Kew. Antonio Felix da Costa claimed the ABB FIA Formula