This TeslaCam Crash Is So Absurd You Get More Questions Than Answers

When? Where? But most of all, why? Although TeslaCam helps to prove Tesla drivers are correct, it may also show they can make really nasty stuff behind the wheel. These videos published by the Twitter user Green (@greentheonly) reveal an accident that will leave you with more doubts than answers.

The Tesla Cybertruck Is Well-Priced, But There Are Hidden Expenses

Cheap vehicles aren’t always as cheap as they seem once you factor in the cost of ownership. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Tesla Cybertruck or agree with the automaker’s crazy design choices, you can probably admit that it’s much less expensive than anticipated. With that said, there

A V12 Aston Martin DBX Is Unlikely, But The SUV's Platform May Spawn New Models

The super-SUV segment is one that thrives on excess. Consider the 642bhp Lamborghini Urus, or the 626bhp, twin-turbo W12-powered Bentley Bentayga. These are two vehicles Aston Martin is aiming at with its new DBX, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the company’s 5.2-litre, twin-turbo V12 appearing under

Is This The New Acura MDX Under Camouflage?

Acura’s upcoming crossover is just cruising on the highway with other traffic in these photos. A reader named David snapped these photos of a mysterious, camouflaged crossover on the highway, and was kind enough to share them with us. After looking closely, the team believes this is a

Tesla Cybertruck Is Now Also A Fold-Up Toy

Tesla could make some money with licensing objects and toys related to the electric pickup truck. We suspect that, if Tesla wanted to license toys and objects inspired by the Cybertruck, it could make some decent money just by doing that. The electric pickup truck is immensely popular and has

The 9000rpm Honda S2000 Is Back… Sort Of

Honda has revealed a new S2000 – or, at least, an old S2000 with a range of parts from a new accessories catalogue. We’re left wondering what the purpose is, and we think you should too. Officially the S2000 20th Anniversary concept is just that, a concept with a body

Is there value in crossovers like Hamilton/Rossi?

Is there any value for a Formula 1 team in organising a crossover such as Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton’s? Can Ferrari gain from an early car launch? Gary Anderson answers these questions and more We saw Valentino Rossi in the Mercedes a few days ago. You had some unusual

Ralf Schumacher: There is no new Valtteri Bottas

Former Formula 1 racer Ralf Schumacher believes Valtteri Bottas only won in Australia due to Lewis Hamilton’s floor damage. Bottas won the race by a 20 second margin over his team-mate who suffered balance and tyre management issues, with the team later confirming that an element of the floor on

What On Earth Is The Tesla Cybertruck's Armor Glass After All?

Matt Ferrell is not undecided in giving his opinion on what he thinks it is. At the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, everybody expected the pickup truck to be the center of all attention, but its windows and the memes did not let that happen. The unbreakable glass that shattered became one