1995: Audi A4 is not intended for use by rich English jerks

German sporty sedans have long suffered from association with arrogant sociopathic rich (insert pungent monosyllabic British insult here) in the United Kingdom, with BMW suffering most heavily from this image problem. Yes, the kind of amoral Patrick Bateman-style investment banker who takes his snakeskin suit and alligator boots to the

Is the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East title hunt now a two-horse race?

Chase Cabre is coming for Sam Mayer’s K&N Pro Series East championship lead. With four races remaining in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season, the championship race may now be down to two. Sam Mayer leads Chase Cabre by 11 points heading into the final stretch of races. Following

Believe Us: This Is Not The Microlino, It Is The Karolino

A legal battle with the production supplier threatens the new urban electric quadricycle. Last May, Micro-Mobility, the company behind the Microlino, surprised us with a warning of postponing of the first deliveries for its electric quadricycle, the Microlino. The company was very candid, or plain aggressive, in stating that their

Aishwarya Pissay is India’s first FIM Bajas World Champion

Aishwarya Pissay has become the first Indian to win the FIM Bajas World Championship. The 23-year old TVS rider finished fourth in the final round of the championship held in Hungary to clinch the title. Pissay won the championship by a margin of just 4 points. Rita Vieira of Portugal

REVIEW: The Lotus Evora GT Is a Wonderfully Analog Tool for Our Digital Times

OJAI, California—We fear that history will judge the Lotus Evora harshly, especially if the Evija—Lotus’s promised 1,972-hp, $2.1-million hypercar—comes to fruition. In the future, people may well look back on the Evora and question its role in the Lotus lineup, calling it too plump and plush compared to the minimalist

Is The Tesla Model X The Epitome Of Future Family Vehicles?

The Model X is big enough for families, but it doesn’t feel or drive like a big car. Last year, Luxembourg-based Bianca Hurduc decided to start a car blog, Arctic Swan, to provide auto news and reviews. But the site needed a twist. She wanted to feature “inspiring lady drivers with wanderlust… written by a

Chesil E Speedster Is Your Next Electric Porsche 356 Electric Kit Car

This is the first product after Westfield bought Chesil. Nowadays, with running restrictions to cars in many cities, even mainstream manufacturers are willing to convert their classics into EVs. Jaguar, for example. But what if you could buy a classic that is already electric? Or build it yourself? This is

Daniel Ricciardo: 'It is a good time for the break'

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that the summer break has come at exactly the right time for himself and Red Bull. After Max Verstappen’s win in Austria, the team have struggled, earning just a single points finish at each of the last three grands prix. Neither driver has finished on the

2020 Audi S6 Is More Affordable Than The BMW M550i In The U.S.

The North American version of the sports sedan has a gasoline engine as opposed to Europe’s diesel. Following its introduction in the first half of April, the 2020 Audi S6 Sedan finally has a price tag in the United States. You can get behind the wheel of the performance sedan