VW Says ID.3 R is “Something We’re Looking At”

Volkswagen’s head of development, Frank Welsch, says that the ID.3 R is something the company is looking at. Whether or not it will come to pass remains a question, though. “I like the idea,” Welsch recently told Autocar, “but we have to decide if the market is ready to accept

Volkswagen ID.3 Production Coming Back Online Tomorrow

Market launch in Summer 2020 “remains in place.” After over a month break (since March 20), Volkswagen ID.3 production in Zwickau, Germany will restart tomorrow (April 23) as the German manufacturer gradually adapts to the new reality. The company was making “over 100” ID.3 per day before the coronavirus outbreak

Rumor Mill: VW ID.3 'Massive' Software Issues May Delay Launch

Reports say a summer launch in Europe is questionable as 10,000 techs are working to solve the problems. Volkswagen previously admitted to problems with its ID.3 software suite. According to Automotive News, the company shared that some 20,000 ID.3 electric vehicles would have to be built without complete software architecture. This

VW ID.3 Electric Car Debuts With Range Of Up To 342 Miles

A new chapter begins for the German automaker. Volkswagen literally revolutionized the automotive industry with the launch of the original Beetle, officially introduced in 1938. The German company is aiming to repeat history with the ID.3 – its first-ever mass-production all-electric vehicle that acts as an ideological successor to the

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car Spotted in New Zealand

We didn’t expect to see the ID.3 there. The Volkswagen ID.3 electric hatchback has been spotted in public once again. This time, the ID.3 turned up in the unexpected location fo Queensland, New Zealand. According to the tweet, the ID.3 is being tested in New Zealand by “a few German

Volkswagen Reveals ID.3 Charging Power, Battery Warranty

ID.3 battery pack will be covered by a 70% of usable capacity warranty for 8 years or 160,000 km (≈100,000 miles). Volkswagen announced this week a few more details about the upcoming ID.3 model, which will be pivotal for the brand. First of all, the lithium-ion battery packs (three options: