How Easy Is It to Use the F-150’s On-Board Scales and Smart Hitch?

‘Fess up, truck owners: How often have you “done the math” to verify payload weight before the front-end loader dumps a bucket of mulch, or a forklift deposits a pallet of paver stones into your half-ton pickup? We’ll bet you’ve never removed mulch or pavers to bring the load into

How Can A Lamborghini Huracan Evo Lose So Badly In A Drag Race?

Tired of Tesla Model S Plaid drag races? If the answer is yes, we completely understand because they tend to be very predictable. After all, with the notable exception of the much more powerful and much more expensive Rimac Nevera, we can’t remember any other production car that has managed

Hummer EV: An Example Of How GM Will Speed Up Product Development

As the automotive industry transitions to new technology and automakers push to get ahead of the competition, shaving months, and even years off typical vehicle development time is becoming paramount. A recent report from Automotive News suggests that the GMC Hummer EV is a model for how GM will work

How Jeff Gordon Became NASCAR’s ‘Wonder Boy’ and Changed a Sport Forever

It’s impossible to chronicle the fullness of NASCAR’s history without a few words about Jeff Gordon. Maybe a chapter in a book. Or even a few chapters. Perhaps a book all to itself. Even a full shelf of books about one of racing’s most accomplished drivers. After all, the driver

Phase 1 NRP: How many people per car? Can cross district or state lines? What about Grab or taxis? –

The ministry of transport has reminded the public that vehicle occupant capacity in Phase 1 states of the national recovery plan (NRP) is now dependent on whether they are fully or partially vaccinated, doing so via a Facebook post with a Bernama infographic. To recap, as of August 20, the

Hear How The Ferrari 296 GTB Sounds In EV And V6 Modes

The powertrain produces 818 horsepower. The Ferrari 296 GTB is the marquee’s latest supercar, though it’s a bridge that connects the brand’s past with its future. The supercar is a plug-in hybrid, Ferrari pairing a V6 engine with an electric motor. It debuted back in June, but a new “spy”

How Crashes in Formula 1 Affect Teams’ Bottom Lines, Budget Caps

Formula 1 teams are counting the cost of the first half of the 2021 season, accentuated by the dramatic start to last weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Several teams suffered crash damage to a car after two separate accidents in damp conditions at the Hungaroring. Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll, Ferrari’s Charles

Toyota USA Shows How Diesels Work And People Are Already Speculating

This is coming from an automaker that sells zero diesel vehicles in the US. While the vast majority of trucks sold in Europe are powered by diesel engines, it’s the exact opposite situation in the United States. Toyota, which sells a grand total of zero diesel-fueled vehicles in the United