Honda e-Drag, N-One K-Climb revealed at TAS 2021 –

Having teased its two concepts for the virtual-only 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month, Honda Access has finally released images of the cars in full. With its Honda e-Drag and N-One K-Climb, the accessories arm imagines race cars based on two of the least likely H brand models. We’ll

The Front-Wheel-Drive Honda Ridgeline Is Canceled

Despite quietly being one of the best pickups for most Americans, the Honda Ridgeline has always gotten a bad rap from the vocal majority. That’s often due to its unibody construction and front-wheel-drive platform, making it an easy target for folks who hate anything that’s not body-on-frame and over 6,000

This Low-Mileage Honda NSX Type R Is Pure Auction Temptation

The Type R was the serious-spec Honda NSX. Some 120kg was chopped from the standard car for a more exciting, more dynamic drive in tandem with a blueprinted and enhanced engine, a shorter final drive ratio and stiffer suspension. That makes it quite the ownership prospect for anyone interested in

GM To Manufacture Honda And Acura Electric Vehicles: Report

Production won’t begin before 2023 though. In September last year, Honda unveiled a good-looking electric crossover concept during the Auto China 2020. Without going into specific details about the future of the study, the automaker said the prototype “indicates the direction of a future mass-production model.” According to a new

Honda Ridgeline: Best Pickup Truck To Buy 2021

Just because you can doesn’t mean you will, despite what the ads on television are selling. By our ratings, and the reality most people live in, the Honda Ridgeline is The Car Connection’s Best Pickup Truck To Buy 2021. With a TCC Rating of 7.0 out of 10, the Ridgeline

Honda Civic Type R: Best Sports Car To Buy 2021

Buying a car isn’t all about responsibility and practicality. Fun can enter into the equation, and we think it often should. A good sports car can provide an escape, deliver a thrill, and help heal the soul. If bought right, it can also be practical for everyday needs. The Car

Honda Invents Car 'Face Mask' That Fights Viruses

Add this to the list of products born out of necessity. They say that innovation is a product of necessity. I entirely believe in that, and this latest Honda product is a testament to that belief. Honda Japan has rolled out Kurumaku – a new antiviral product for Honda cabin air

Honda to stop new car sales in Russia from 2022 –

The Russian subsidiary of Honda said it will stop selling new cars to official dealers in Russia from 2022 as a part of the company’s restructuring plans, Reuters reported. After-sales support for Honda cars will continue to be in place, and the brand’s presence in the Russian market will also

Honda Civic Type R (FK2) | PH Used Buying Guide

The FK2 ended the Type R's naturally aspirated streak. The Honda Civic never looked back… By Tony Middlehurst / Sunday, December 20, 2020 Key considerations Available for £15,000 2.0 turbo four, front-wheel drive More 'alive' than most of the competition Lairy looks nicely detuned by non-primary colours Well equipped, but