Lando Norris heading home after quarantine period | F1 News by PlanetF1

Lando Norris should be heading home this week having completed his quarantine in Dubai after testing positive for Covid-19 in early January. Norris visited Dubai for his holiday ahead of pre-season training only to test positive once he was in the country. The Brit went into quarantine, spending 14 days

Home deliveries of Kia Seltos commence

Due to the lockdown imposed in India due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Kia has started selling its cars online and delivering them to customers at their homes or offices. Now, a Gurugram-based professional has become one of the first people to get delivery of his Seltos. Not only

McLaren F1 staff finally home after quarantine

McLaren has confirmed that all its team members who remained in Australia because of coronavirus concerns have now safely returned home. In the wake of a McLaren employee testing positive for coronavirus at the Australian Grand Prix, a further 16 team personnel were put in to quarantine for two weeks

CA’s COVID-19 ‘Stay At Home Order’ Won’t Anticipate Tesla Shut Down

The company announced it would suspend making cars only at the end of March 23. Tesla’s timing on this one may seem really unfortunate. When it announced it would finally suspend production, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, almost simultaneously issued a “stay at home order” that obliges people living

Watch: RS6 Avant Meets a Home-brew S4 Avant

  Auditography was in Malibu last week shooting the RS6 Avant with the rest of the automotive YouTube world. But the channel wasn’t satisfied with just shooting one wagon, so they brought along an S4 Avant. This one was built outside of Ingolstadt by one Tyler Setterstrom. The recipe was

ChargePoint Home Flex: A Good EV Charger Gets Even Better

ChargePoint raises the bar in the home-charging arms race. Back in 2015 when ChargePoint introduced the ChargePoint Home EVSE, there were very few residential chargers that had WiFi connectivity and smart-charging features. There were even less that had those capabilities and were also packaged into an aesthetically-pleasing unit that would

Ken Block's Home Garage Is Surprisingly Tasteful But Still On-Brand

“My toys, my space.” Ken Block is known not only for his skills behind the wheel but also for his love of everything that has wheels and moves. This includes not just vehicles, but also bikes, RC cars, buggies, and even boats. We’ve seen many of his toys but this