Car tax changes 2020: How much has your car tax gone up?

Car tax changes will see most people paying more this month, due to alterations in calculating VED and the Retail Price Index (RPI). While many people will find they need to navigate higher costs, the change could come as a blessing for others. How much has your car tax gone

E10 fuel explained: What it means for you and your car

E10 biofuel will come to the UK in 2021 as part of a government initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While the changes will likely be hailed by climate activists, it could come as a blow for hundreds of thousands of low-income households. What does E10 fuel mean for you

Driving: Why can’t I drive my car? Can the police stop me?

Driving rules have changed during the coronavirus outbreak, as the Government has ordered most of the UK’s population to stay indoors. The new lockdown specifies people cannot leave home unless they are undertaking essential journeys, and the same rules apply to drivers. Can you drive during the coronavirus outbreak? Government

Thousands of Brits caught driving without a MOT since stricter guidelines were introduced

The MOT test changed in May 2018, with tighter rules around emissions and safety, as well as higher fines for drivers caught with an unroadworthy vehicle. A freedom of information request revealed 68,027 have been issued with penalty charges across England and Wales by police since the changes. The Met

Jaguar Land Rover: Racing profits wide of the marque

The latest accounts for Jaguar racing reveal that over the year to the end of March 2019, its costs rose 12.1 percent to £8.8 million, while its pre-tax profit fell 6.9 percent to just £0.5 million on revenues of £10.2 million. Almost all of its revenues come from parent company, JLR.

DVLA driving licence mistake which could cost you £1,000

Millions of motorists run the risk of landing a fine of up to £1,000 for not keeping their details up to date on their driving licence. Drivers could be unwittingly breaking the law by having outdated details on their licence. If a driver gets married, changes their name or move

Some of the rudest DVLA number plates on sale in the UK – One is valued at £150,000

Every year when new car registrations are introduced, a list of plates are removed for being rude, offensive or in poor taste. Some words are instantly removed for containing certain words which fit this bracket such as ASS or SEX. Other four latter combinations such as  B** UMS and  FA**