Jaguar Land Rover: Racing profits wide of the marque

The latest accounts for Jaguar racing reveal that over the year to the end of March 2019, its costs rose 12.1 percent to £8.8 million, while its pre-tax profit fell 6.9 percent to just £0.5 million on revenues of £10.2 million. Almost all of its revenues come from parent company, JLR.

DVLA driving licence mistake which could cost you £1,000

Millions of motorists run the risk of landing a fine of up to £1,000 for not keeping their details up to date on their driving licence. Drivers could be unwittingly breaking the law by having outdated details on their licence. If a driver gets married, changes their name or move

Some of the rudest DVLA number plates on sale in the UK – One is valued at £150,000

Every year when new car registrations are introduced, a list of plates are removed for being rude, offensive or in poor taste. Some words are instantly removed for containing certain words which fit this bracket such as ASS or SEX. Other four latter combinations such as  B** UMS and  FA**

Car dashboard warning lights explained and why you need to know what they are

Dashboards display a number of lights to communicate information to the driver about the vehicle. These lights can represent simple things such as that your headlights are on or potential issues with the car. Certain issues are displayed by little warning lights which must not be ignored as they could

Car insurance ‘stealth charges’ explained – What they are and how much they cost you

Car insurance is still one of the most costly aspects of vehicle ownership with some drivers having to sometimes pay more for their cover than the value of the car. Prices for insurance regularly fluctuate due to multiple factors throughout the year. New research has also found that drivers are

Car theft: The one thing you should ‘always’ do to prevent thieves from breaking in to you

If a criminal is looking to steal something from a car or the vehicle itself, it is often an “opportunistic crime”, however, there are several simple things you can do to make your vehicle safer. Many drivers find themselves forgetting to follow the usuals steps that can be a big

Volkswagen ad banned for ‘gender stereotyping’ in landmark ruling

The new rules from the Advertising Standards Authority, which have only been enforced since June, state: “Marketing communications must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offence.” The television advertisement in question was for the Volkswagen eGolf car. The advertisement showed several scenes