Perodua Ruza van – Daihatsu Gran Max-based render –

Remember the Perodua Rusa? Launched in 1996 or two years after the first Kancil broke cover, the compact van was a localised remake of the Daihatsu Hijet of the time, aimed at both commercial and private owner usage, and accommodated between two to seven persons depending on configuration. Here, graphic

Ross Brawn: F1 will be in a great place 'in six months'

F1 managing director Ross Brawn says Formula 1 will be in a “great place in six months” and urged fans to keep remembering the good times. The series has agreed new cost-cutting measures as teams look to cope with the loss of revenue caused by the delay to the 2020

Sixt Adds 1K Vehicles to Carsharing Fleet

The company reported that demand from business and corporate customers is currently flat due to the general restrictions on travel and the almost complete closure of commercial airports. Photo via Sixt. In its first quarter earnings report released on May 13, Sixt outlined new service initiatives the company is implementing

Toyota GR Supra tuned by Manhart now makes 450 PS

German company Manhart is no stranger when it comes to tuning BMWs, and last year, the company released its tuning package for the G29 Z4 M40i, bringing it up to 440 PS and 620 Nm. Now, the company has shifted its focus to the Z4’s Asian twin, the Toyota GR

F1 news recap: 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1’s brave new turbo hybrid era finally delivered in brilliant fashion at the 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix – which was the subject of F1’s rewind broadcast today. Here, with the help of the Archive, we take a look back at the stories of the race, and the bigger

Video: Toyota GR Yaris Rips Up Racetrack With Wicked Three-Cylinder Engine

Would you like to know how the most powerful production three-cylinder ever made sounds while being absolutely ripped around a race track? You would, and you’re welcome: Crank up your volume and take a listen, because video has surfaced of the 268-hp, three-cylinder Toyota GR Yaris, a bonkers rally homologation special

Toyota GR Yaris gets C-seg hot hatch price in Europe

Click to enlarge The 2020 Toyota GR Yaris is now open for pre-orders in Europe, and the rally homologation special hot hatch isn’t cheap, far from it. That’s entirely expected, given how bespoke it is. But exactly how expensive? In Germany, the GR Yaris will start at 33,200 euros (RM156,024),

Toyota GR Supra instrument cluster from BMW: report

The platform and componentry sharing between the G29 BMW Z4 and the Toyota GR Supra is well documented, and the Toyota coupe has at times been criticised for not being as Japanese as it perhaps should be. There’s a variety of BMW parts visible around the cabin, though the Supra’s