F1 teams must give rookies two FP1 outings from 2021

Formula 1 teams will be obliged to run a rookie driver in two Friday practice sessions over the course of the season from 2021. Presently, teams may choose to replace one of their race drivers to field a test or reserve, which usually happens in the opening 90-minute session on

Could Forza Motorsport 8 Give Players Every Car from the Start?

Last month, Turn 10 gave a brief look into the future of Forza Motorsport. Creative director Chris Esaki confirmed the next entry in the franchise had entered its “second sprint”. As a quick recap, a “sprint” is how the team organizes its development efforts. At this point in time, the

Williams: Tyres give Russell an edge over Robert Kubica

Williams have once again dismissed suggestions that Robert Kubica’s car is inferior to George Russell’s, saying the rookie simply gets more out of his tyres than the Pole. Although Kubica has scored Williams’ only point of the season with a P10 in Germany, his return to F1 has not gone

Latest VW Wants to Give You California Love

The Volkswagen California knows how to party. They keep it rockin, campsite rockin. Now a refreshed version gets a new nose and the inside gets digital controls to add some California love. It’s the California 6.1 The Volkswagen named for a state where you can’t buy one. It’s the most

Watch A Badass Mom Give Birth In An Infiniti On Way To Hospital

And no, she can’t hold it. The video contains mature content.  Welcoming a new family member into the world is a beautiful process. It can also be utterly frightening and immensely stressful. The last thing an expecting mother wants is a surprise. Sadly, though, there are times when life can