H2X Is Back With A Ford Ranger Hydrogen Fuel-Cell EV Pickup Truck

Testing and demonstrations are said to commence in November. More than a year ago, H2X announced its aim to put Australia on the map when it comes to producing hydrogen fuel-cell EVs. With a lineup consisting of a van, minibus, tractor, and SUV, H2X wants to put one of these emission-free

Ford Bronco Soft Top May Be Rubbing Paint Off Roll Bar

It’s another roof issue for the Bronco. Several 2022 Ford Bronco owners on the Bronco 6G forum are reporting an issue where the hardware that folds the soft top is rubbing against the rear roll bar, and this is causing damage to the paint. Many people there are posting photos

Ford Maverick May Be A Better Truck To Lease Than Hyundai Santa Cruz

It all boils down to residual value. The battle between compact pickups has commenced in the US with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, making sure that truck-loving Americans will be spoilt for choice. While we’ve already compared the two trucks in a spec sheet matchup before, it will

GM Sues Ford Over BlueCruise Name For Hands-Free Driving Tech

The Blue Oval has responded in a statement. General Motors and Cruise, the company’s self-driving vehicle unit, have sued Ford over the use of the BlueCruise name for its self-driving technology, Reuters reported. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in California. According to the report, GM said that the

2021 Ford Bronco First Edition Listed for $150,000 on eBay

As it turns out, dealerships aren’t the only salespeople cashing in on the all-new Ford Bronco craze and inflating sticker prices due to high demand and low supply. Ford has experienced production delays due to the pandemic and a shortage of semiconductor chips, which has pushed back deliveries of its

Ford Has a New Cabin Air Filter to Help You Breath Easier

There’s no question climate change is a hot topic globally and our air quality is arguably one of the hottest elements of the topic. Automakers are coming up with ideas to combat it and not just by building EVs, but Polestar’s effort to build a carbon neutral car and Porsche

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor With LHD Layout Spied Testing In The US

It could be a sign the high-performance Ranger is finally coming to the United States. Ford took its sweet time bringing the Ranger to the United States, many years after launching the midsize truck in regions such as Europe and Australia. Not only that, but the high-performance Raptor derivative is

Ford trademarks ‘Skyline’ name for the US market

However, what Ford does with the ‘Skyline’ name is yet to be seen. Ford is said to have trademarked the name ‘Skyline’ for the US market. According to a media report, the American carmaker submitted the trademark application for the ‘Skyline’ at the US Patent & Trademark Office on July

Ford Mondeo ST200 Top Gear Restoration Is Sports Sedan Perfection

The Ford Mondeo ST200 is worthy of a restoration. The Ford Mondeo ST200 is the only car every Topgear presenter equally enjoyed. To celebrate this unique vehicle, the team at DRIVETRIBE decided to restore this forgotten sports sedan to better than new condition. Today we get to see the final

Ford Maverick Caught Wearing A Curious Custom-Fit Pickup Cap

We aren’t sure it’s the best fit for this compact truck. There’s no question that Ford is trying to reach the hearts of traditional pickup buyers with its new compact Maverick. Compared to the snazzy styling of the Hyundai Santa Cruz the Maverick’s blocky shape is pure truck, and extras