Lucky escape for Olli Caldwell in huge F3 crash

Olli Caldwell had a lucky escape in Saturday’s feature race for the British F3 GP, collected at speed by Lukas Dunner as he spun. Both drivers were unhurt in the crash. With Liam Lawson leading the grand prix on lap 16 of 20 as the race was restarted after a

Ford Kuga PHEV (Escape PHEV) Featured By Autogefühl: Video

Ford Kuga PHEV is just one of several new PHEV and BEV models coming soon. The Ford Kuga PHEV (Ford Escape PHEV in the U.S.) is one of Ford’s answers to the stricter emission requirements in Europe, which forces automakers to quickly lower the average CO2 emission of new cars. The

Ford Escape Hybrid review, BMW X7 review, GCR’s car of the decade: What’s New @ The Car Connection

 Review update: The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid nears 49 mpg on our watch The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid compact crossover excels in efficiency in Eco mode, and outpaces the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and sets the bar for the forthcoming Honda CR-V Hybrid.  The Car Connection’s Best Car To Buy 2020

Can Tesla Model 3 Escape Obstacle Course Using Smart Summon?

How does Tesla Smart Summon really work? The above video is arguably the best we’ve seen to date in terms of showing how Tesla’s Smart Summon technology works. YouTuber Kevin Rooke puts his Model 3 and the autonomous “self-parking” technology to the test by setting up obstacle courses. When the