Epic Tesla Cybertruck Spec Ad Entitled 'It Came From Beyond'

It sure seems like the Tesla Cybertruck did come from another world. Ah, the days of Project Loveday come back to us now and again. This new Tesla Cybertruck spec ad took us back, since its creator Joe Sill produced one of our favorite Tesla Model S ads years ago.

Epic fails: When F1 title defences go wrong

Successfully defending a Formula 1 world title is an incredibly difficult task, although Lewis Hamilton has managed that feat in the past two seasons. However, more often than not in F1’s history, a driver has failed to defend their title – and, on some occasions, has missed the mark spectacularly

Epic Toyota Land Cruiser With Portal Axles Is Ready To Go Anywhere

The one-off LC79 Supertourer from Australian-based PCOR looks unstoppable. We love Australia. The country is big, the engines are big, the burnouts are positively epic, and when it comes to overlanding, the off-roaders aren’t just showpieces on big tires. Patriot Campers Off Road (PCOR for short) is well acquainted with

Epic Car Collection Has 3 LFAs, 2 LaFerraris, And 7 Toyota 2000GTs

A 2000GT Roadster is even in the mix! We’ve seen plenty of car collections filled with Italian exotics both old and new. We’ve also seen eclectic collections with a little bit of everything. This fresh video from Shmee150 showcases an incredible private car collection in Miami that’s a bit of