Shop Builds a Surprisingly Convincing Wire Wheel Out of Nails Without Popping Any Tires

The last place you want to find a nail is anywhere near your wheels and tires, but that didn’t stop the crew at YouTube’s Garage 54 from flipping that assumption completely upside-down. Turns out, you can make an oddly convincing set of vintage-style wire wheels with some long nails and

7 Essential Tools You Need to Get Your Truck Unstuck

Getting stuck can happen to anyone, no matter how cautious you are behind the wheel. Don’t mash the gas pedal when you sense that your wheels are slipping and your vehicle isn’t moving—that will only dig a bigger hole. Instead, you should pause and dig yourself out the right way.

Sometimes the Random Cross-Marque Horn Swap Just Bolts Right in

My wife bought her Subaru Outback, complete with five-speed manual transmission and “Rocky Mountain Edition” package, back in 2004, and it remains a reliable member of our motor pool at age 16. One minor problem with it, though, was the underwhelming horn setup. Subaru installed a pair of tiny high/low

A DIY Tesla "Gas Can" (Portable Suitcase Battery)? Say What

We’ve seen this concept on numerous occasions. Will it work this time? Many people have asked, why can’t you just carry along an extra battery for your Tesla, or any EV for that matter? Well, batteries are big, heavy, and expensive. To make a battery pack the size of a