Zak Brown: $100m cap demand was a tactic

Zak Brown led the charge for F1’s budget cap to be slashed to $100m but says that was merely a tactic to get a lower cap. Last year the Formula 1 teams agreed to introduce a budget cap of $175 million in 2021. However, with the start of this year’s

Isuzu expects pick-up demand in Thailand to drop 35%

With sales significantly impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, Isuzu expects that the demand for pick-up trucks and other light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Thailand is likely to fall by 35% this year, Kyodo News reports. The Japanese automaker, which has the largest share of the segment in the country, at

Pent-up demand for cars in China boosts GM – both its joint ventures report double-digit growth in April

Now here’s something out of the blue, or the blues facing the auto industry thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. It looks like there’s some pent-up demand for new cars in China, where the novel coronavirus first appeared. Following drastic lockdown measures taken by the government there, the worst is over,

In 2019 Cobalt Demand For EV Batteries Increased To 14,400 Tonnes

Five battery manufacturers are responsible for 78% of the total global demand of cobalt for xEV batteries. According to Adamas Intelligence, the global demand for cobalt for passenger xEVs (BEV, PHEV, HEV) exceeded 14,400 tonnes in 2019. That’s about 34% more than a year ago (over 10,750 tonnes), despite battery

Lower demand for diesel fuel in India

According to a media report, the demand for diesel in India is falling. Some of the reasons for this include passenger car buyers’ preference for petrol vehicles, increased efficiency of trucks and solar powered pumps replacing diesel-powered units. Additionally, due to the extended monsoon in 2019, rural demand was also

Mazda Enjoying High Demand For SkyActiv-X Engine

So when will the U.S. get this power plant? Mazda and its SkyActiv-X engine have been making wonders for the Japanese automaker. Not only that it combines the efficiency of diesel engines with the power and refinement of gasoline mills, but the all-new SkyActiv engine has also been met with

Tesla's Demand Problem Explored: Facts, Not Agendas

What the real story with Tesla’s demand problem? Our good friend Sean Mitchell has been on a bit of a hiatus from YouTube as of late. Following his exciting and information-packed trip to the Detroit area, he had to shift his focus to his day job in real estate, which